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weapon hire

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Hi,is it possible to hire weapons for the weekend?

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2014 6:23 pm

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At the moment were going to say no, theres no plans to offer rentals.
As a Club weve got a number of AKs that we rent out and some games have allowed them to take the part of Axis weapons.
If the request for rentals goes up considerably then we may rethink or even buy some ww2 gats in for rentals, but as it stands I csn only ask you to watch this space.

Posted : 25/03/2014 7:44 pm

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If I can make it I'll have an M1A1 Thompson available on a brake it fix it basis, comes with 4 70rnd mags and a spare batterie.

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Posted : 03/04/2014 7:50 pm