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[Sticky] A friendly reminder - the Search feature and other stuff.

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One of the most useful utilities on this forum is the "Search" feature. We have a lot of information on these forums, some of which is buried quite deeply. A lot of the time, you'll get a more rounded view of "What is the best helmet" or "where can i find item XYZ" from looking at an original thread on the subject, as with repeated asking of the same questions, people wont feel the inclination to respond each time, ergo you may miss something important!

Something else as well. Research. Don't believe everything you're told! (and i'm just as guilty of this as anyone). Look at original pictures, read books on the subject (cant beat reading a first-hand account on the given subject!), search the Internet. Make your brain cells do some work. You're quite likely to come across information that no-one else on here has twigged so far!



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Topic starter Posted : 10/06/2007 4:44 pm