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Hi to all
My apologies to you all,i put all my effort in to getting to the site to play on both days but due to health thats out of my control at the moment was unable to participate in giving the Germans a pasteing.
I do hope that you all enjoyed the watermelon & put some weight on after eating all that chocolate which will make it easyer for me to keep up with you all.
I hope I will be 100% fit for the next encounter with you all. :D
Lastly I hope you all had a good weekend & last thing bring on the next game that I can make!!
PS apologies to chris & the 34th for not being able to participate on both days & I hope I was the only one the pulled out of the game & I hope I can make your next one.

Topic starter Posted : 16/08/2015 3:05 pm
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gutted for you :(

Having gone over in a sneaky rabbit hole myself i came out of it lucky , i was just happy not to faceplant when i have a unerving ability to do lol

but will do out best to sort you something out next time, as a thank you for your kind gifts for folks and having to leave early :(

to be fair we did not last long today due to heat and i think the technical term for it been "Fucked" with only a Zug of germans wanting to keep going like energizer bunnies.

Posted : 16/08/2015 3:46 pm
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Don't worry pal, sorry you had to leave early but i did follow your orders and caned the Becks! it was a dirty job but someone had to step up to the plate...

Posted : 16/08/2015 4:35 pm
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That water melon was spot on! Lovely. Sorry you missed out on the action, but I am sure we shall meet again, some sunny day!

Posted : 16/08/2015 5:13 pm
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Dude, after the sugar rush I was on with all the chocolate you gave me, the journey home to London was a breeze. Very kind of you.

Get well soon bud, be great to see you at the next one!

Posted : 16/08/2015 7:46 pm