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[Sticky] The Conclusion .....

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Ok after reading many battle reports

I can tell you the battle close to Benevento was attack and counter attack from both sides, with neither side wanting to give up ground, in our small part of the battle i can tell you all 3 squads and 3 zugs worked damm hard and completed just about the same amount of missions, i think with the heat, the site and the tough reistance of the enemy slowed both sides down, at one point i was worried i not not done enough missions per squad but in reality less than 50% were completed, with a good mix completed by both sides.

The same happened on sunday with 4 tough scraps which were so close, with the 2 i was involved in falling in the last 5 minutes after tough tough fights,

well the war effort numbers were as follows

Allied 1280

Axis 1190

once again very tight ...

The Allied attack continues , with American and Common wealth troops taken off the line for a short break of R&R, before the orders are given to advance towards Alife ....

couple of highlights of the briefs

Epic Fail - 1/2 of the zug disobeyed orders , Shot Later

2nd lt Brookes (ed) set off charge (firework) inside the garage (cockwomble)

and one from a certain zug referring to a comment i left lol - I blew nothing up , cheeky twat ;)

many thanks for filling out the missions forms really well, i managed to read most , with big shout to dog company and friends as theres i read no problem :)

many thanks i know i have said it already lot , but Thanks for all the help , support , great game play , keeping the site and camp site tidy :)

see you all at the upcoming games , as i prepare for the offence on Alife :)

Topic starter Posted : 20/08/2015 9:52 pm