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[Sticky] Operation 'Bloodhound' 1945, West Berlin. Westwood, Herts. March 26 2016

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Gunman Airsoft and Filmsim Events proudly presents...

‘Operation Bloodhound’
£35 for the day if pre booked with a £15 deposit paid before the 1st March
£40 if pre-booked after the 1st March
£45 on the gate.
FREE camp over Friday night and social
March 26th 2016
Westwood Equestrian centre, Hertfordshire.

‘Operation Bloodhound’ a fictional operation of WW2

It’s the 2nd of May 1945 and the battle for Berlin has been declared over and the Red army are now in control of the city and surrounding rural areas to the East. The combined forces of US and British troops are situated the other side of the capitol on the West. German units are trying to flee the city and some are still fighting, unaware that Berlin has fallen.

‘Operation Bloodhound’ has been in preparation for the past 3 months and is now in full affect. Conceived by Montgomery and Eisenhower in the probable outcome that the Red Army gets to Berlin first. Operation Taurus is a plan to round up as many of the fleeing German commanders, scientific staff and any of the high command before the Russians get to them.

Our story follows one of the joint Allied posts in a rural area West of Berlin where 2 holding camps have been set up for any captured German troops. This area is still very hostile and on occasion Red army troops chasing after German’s fleeing Berlin have found themselves firing on the other Allied US and British units. Can the Joint forces capture enough high value German personel to make ‘operation Bloodhound’ a success?

Event Info.
This event is open to all four of the main groups. British and US Joint forces will have their Holding camps, The Russians will have one small holding camp and the Germans will be in the middle, trying to evade both sides and ‘GET OUT’

We will provide all the radio packs for the units and map cases for organising troops.

Arrival and Event times.
Friday, gates open at 2pm so come and set up your camps.
Saturday game brief at 9.30am
Sat Endex will be around 4pm as it will start to get dark around then.

Please make sure you bring everything you need to be comfortable in the field, including Water, change of socks, camping equipment, food and beers.
We now recycle with two bins on site.
Toilets also provided.

Please pay ONLY the £15 Deposit via PayPal please mark up what game it’s for, your real and forum name and which side you on!!

These event tickets are non refundable but can be sold on to other waiting players.
SITE location can be found here

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