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[Sticky] Booked Players and Booking Info - Operation Husky

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Operation Husky

This is the official booking thread. As with Bryansk, once you have booked and payment has cleared your name will appear on this list.

Before you book some words about the event.

1. Camping is available on the Friday for those who wish to stay, otherwise you'll need to be on site by 9am on the Saturday.
For the Saturday night, both sides will camp in the same spot, so there will be plenty of opportunity for fraternising, however given the condition of some of our players on 'the morning after', the difficult terrain on site and the potential for hot days we would ask you to keep alcohol consumption to sensible proportions. Kermit and Old 'Un will be making sure that you all adhere to this request. (Yeah, right....)

2. The event is to run over 24 hours, with a break for sleeping, not just a day game and the game will be paced to account for this. You need to be reasonably fit and make sure that you are adequately equipped and have enough food and water for the entire weekend.

3. We may put on some night action if players are keen to do so, otherwise assume it'll die down around 8pm on the Saturday.

4. Usual CiA rules regarding kit, weapons and camping:


Payment is in full £45 and can be paid in three ways:

-Paypal to
-Cash or cheque payable to 'Comrades in Arms' and sent to:

Include your full name, forum name and side playing.

20 places a side to start with although we will go up to 25 if we can keep the sides balanced.

Game fees are non-refundable however your place is transferable. If you are unable to attend then you may make your own arrangements to swap with another player, you can use the forum for this purpose. We only ask that you transfer Axis for Axis, Allied for Allied. If you want a side swap it must be approved by CiA organisers before transfer.


German/Italian Any Italian uniform. Otherwise Heer, Falshy, Lufty, Panzer. (SS players in feldgrau, HBT or tropical - no obvious SS camo please)

Old 'Un (German CO)

1. Del Scott - JD7 (German)
2. Peter Grice - Pete_59 (Italian - Bersaglier)
3. Andy Kneale - Steiner (Fallschirmjäger Regiment)
4. Steve Davies - SteveD (9th Hohenstaufen)
5. Robert Kynaston - Bobby K (LAHSS)
6. Paul Stirling - Pinkpanzer (Fallschirmjäger Regiment)
7. Peter Dunn - Sgt Heide (German)
8. Anthony Gregory - Joseph Porta (German)
9. Steve Jugg - Shellshokt (Heer Grossdeutschland)
10. Stuart Dunn (German)
11. Richard Vaughan - Lardassmonkey
12. Scott Hawkins - Snyper (Fallschirmjäger Regiment)
13. Gary Barton - Platoon1 (HG Div)
14. David Barrat - (HG Div)
15. Cliff Archer - Dot44 (HG Div)
17. Richard Cartwright - Mi-go-a-go-go (Heer)
18. Daniel Hughes (Heer)
19. Che Sanderson - Che (Fallschirmjäger Regiment)
20. Carl Sanderson - Fandanglos (Fallschirmjäger Regiment)
21. Diane Holt - Helga (German)
22. Pat Davey - imp1864 (Fallschirmjäger)
23. Ian Post - Battleaxe (German Heer)
24. Vaughan Noble - Sergente Maggiore (Italian MVSN)
25. Robert Kynaston Jr - thezepellinman (LAHSS) PLACE AVAILABLE FOR EXCHANGE

US/British/Canadian Any uniform

Major Chomley-Warner (British CO - 1st Airlanding Brigade, 2nd Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment)
Headshot (US CO - 82nd Airborne)

1. Matt Webb - Webby (US 82nd Airborne)
2. Douglas McCarthy - armourerdoug (US Airborne)
3. Gavin Crompton - Peppered (British Airborne)
4. Richard Heath - Yith (British Airlanding)
5. Nigel Kerr - Oddball (US)
6. Alex Birch - Spiers (US Armored)
7. Martin Sole - BedsnHerts (British Airlanding)
8. Jon Steele - jonsteele (US 82nd Airborne)
9. Jonny Knight - Juliet Kilo (US 82nd Airborne)
10. Marsha Lorde - Marsha (US 82nd Airborne)
11. Nigel Cheetham - scaleyback (US 82nd Airborne)
12. Rhys Davies - Rhysd2 (US 82nd Airborne)
13. Rupert Brookes - Rupe (US 82nd Airborne)
14. Will Stone - Devonshire Trooper (British South Staffs)
15. Barrie Quin - Barrie [and Anne] (British South Staffs)
16. Anne Quin - [Barrie and] Anne (British South Staffs)
17. Ed Davidson - Panther (British Airlanding)
18. Steve Ashworth - Sgtash (US)
19. James Pickles - jimbob (British Airlanding)
20. Craig McManus - Langolier (US Army)
21. Matt Keilty - biguk (US Airborne)
22. Gareth Harvey - Gadge (British Airlanding)
23. Evo - Dieselmonkey (British Airlanding)
24. Ranjit Philora - CHThree (British Airlanding)

Italian Civilians Any Italian 40's outfit! See here.... and here

1. Chris Murphy - Smurf
2. Nick Daniels - Airborne55
3. Jay Southern

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OK, five more places opened on both sides.

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NOTE: If you intend to turn up on Friday 29th, please try to arrive at 7pm or thereafter as we will be busy setting up before then.



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SECOND PLACE ALSO AVAILABLE - PM thezepplinman for discussion.

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