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[Sticky] German kit.

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Note - You do not need a "reenactor" level of kit for this event. We have "lookalike" rules for those who do not have a mountain of gear.

The Germans will operate from a fixed, secure harbor area. So, no need for carrying rucksacks or heavy kit. Although, feel free to take the "full kit challenge" should you be hardcore (or mad) enough!

They will consist of Heer and Waffen SS troops. So, you have the flexibility for pretty much anything! Feldgrau on its own, or mixed with camo items- it's your choice. Waffen SS troops have the option for "dot 44" kit, which will be handy if it's baking hot, as would HBT uniforms. If it rains, anyone who was at "Churchills Revenge" will testify how useful woolen uniforms can be! So, the choice is yours. We ask that you avoid crusher and visor caps, as these are used by organisers to identify them as so.

Don't forget the "kit loan" thread. Many CiA players are incredibly generous with loaning out kit should you need something.


Headgear - Any "stahlhelm" pattern is fine, with or without the appropriate cover for Heer/Waffen SS. Field/side caps are also fine.

Uniform - All feldgrau (M36, 40, 42 & 44) patterns are acceptable, as are their hbt derivatives. Dot 44 is fine for Waffen SS troops. Camouflage smocks would work well for both Heer and Waffen SS.

Webbing - As minimal, or as "full on" as you wish. You could get away with just a belt, ammo pouches and a waterbottle should you wish.

Footwear - We recommend boots with ankle support, with anklets but, jackboots are equally ok.

Weapons - Any WW2 weapon is acceptable, including "captured" ones. The terrain (and weather, hopefully) would make the K98's handy for some! Stuff like MG42's might come in handy for perimeter defence (if you have a tripod, this might be a rare chance to get some use from it too).

In addition, you'll also want your overnight gear and sufficient food and water to last for 24 hours.

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