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[Sticky] So what about the Germans then?

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It might seem up to now the preoccupation has been with the Jeds.
So, does this mean he plucky Brits/French/Americans have all the fun and the Germans are just OPFOR to play against?

Far from it! Our initial concern has been to ensure the Jeds, in particular, are aware of what is expected of them both in terms of endurance and gameplay - this event is pushing the WW2 airsoft boundaries yet again and focussing less on blatting and more on realism. That done, let's turn our thoughts to what the Germans can expect.

The Germans are camped in very rural Brittany. We are aware the the invasion is a reality of course. For the last four weeks or so the Allies have been pouring ashore at Normandy and building a secure and massive bridgehead and they are now on the move. Our role is now that of reserves, waiting for further instructions. We may be sent north-west to halt allied advances from Normandy, west to bulk up the line holding Paris, hold our position as a blocking force or fall back as directly as we can to Germany. Until those instructions come our role is that of security - to break up local French resistance cells, foil allied air drops and eliminate allied special forces.

Over the past four months the increase in resistance activity has been marked. Bridges, roads and rail lines have all be hit, telephone lines repeatedly severed, fuel dumps not only pilfered but destroyed. Bit by bit our grip on the area has been weakened and, although we have complete control over the area, it is becoming more than a nuisance and more of a threat. We are no longer able to post single sentries or two man security patrols - they never come back having been hit by terrorist squads. And yet our strength of numbers, military organisation and secure supplies gives us the upper hand - for the moment at least.

Among the German tasks will be: construct a working, warm and dry encampment; keep roads open and clear of mines or other traps; keep encampment secure, hunt out resistance cells; prevent terrorists from moving through our area of control; send out snatch squads acting on intelligence; monitor the airwaves for allied wireless signals; clear and secure woods and heathland - sector by sector; maintain high visibility at all times; post sentries at vantage points; hold and guard prisoners.

We are hoping that we get sufficient numbers of Germans to allow plenty of time to be stood down to eat and relax. Our encampment is permanent and is part of the scenario so the tented area will be carefully organised to be a working and fully functional camp - everything we need will be in one place, warm and dry. We will have a 'regen' rule set in place to simulate overwhelming numbers of German troops - the allies will have no regen and as spies or terrorists will be captured and interrogated.

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