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[Sticky] Operation Jedburgh

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Summer 1944 .

Having taken a pounding in the battles around Caen and the D-Dday Beachheads, mixed elements of SS Panzer and Heer troops are taking a well earned weekend rest to refit and re arm, in the Cherbourg Peninsula. Hidden away in the woods, they are tasked with some light training , and ensuring that the French locals do not cause any trouble. They have a good set up, sleeping in proper tents for the first time in a month, with good food and warms fires, and not under constant threat of attack. For a few days it seems that the fortunes of war have turned in their favour.

Unknown to the Germans, their location has been found by some of the elite Jedburgh teams, who have been living behind the lines since before D-Day. Ruthless, resourceful and able to live of the land for months, these tough troops have no intention of letting the enemy recuperate. Hit and run is their chosen speciality, and it is not long before they can pose a real threat even in small numbers.

CiA would like to announce their much talked about 24 hour Escape and Evade Event at IED's Glyn Ceriog site ( Wrexham) in North Wales

Date is Saturday 26th and Sunday the 27th September.
Price £40


German Hunter Force 30 places

You will operate from a fixed base , with tents ,warm beds , vehicles, and hot brews a plenty . No sleeping in foxholes for you . The event will run for the full 24 hours , although you will be tasked into squads and rotated to ensure that you all get some good periods of rest. The game will continue until all the evaders are caught , and they have the options of attacking at any point during the period .Therefore the traditional Saturday night piss up is not on the cards, although sitting round some warm camp fires with small schapps may be in order . You will run the risk of attack at all times , you will not be able to drop your guard .

We are going for a more period look than before so you will need a period style tent , either zelts, large canvas or pup (or a mate you can share with) . No modern nylon tents at all, and no gas cookers, please bring esbits or sprirt cookers or cook on the open fire . Modern sleeping bags , bivy bags are ok as long as they are hidden inside your tent arrangement .
Uniform is Feldgraus/HBTs, Cammo smocks etc ok . No weapons limitation other than standard CiA rules

Jedburgh Team places

You will operate with what you can carry on your back . You will need to be physically fit and competant at navigating around 700 acres . The event is mentally more than physically punishing , do not underestimate this . Your missions will be given to you in the run up , and you not neccesarily start in one large group . You will have to live off the land, picking up supplies of extra food and ammunition form caches. With luck you may find some parachute containers with some warm sleeping bags .....if you get caught , you could end up sitting in a German prison for a large numbers of hours.
Minimum requirements are a compass (modern ok) some form of shelter, zelt or rubberised Brit poncho, and a modern sleeping bag . if you want some kip during the night you will need to construct a shelter.
Uniform can be any Brit or US or Civvy . No weapons limitation other than standard CiA rules


Booking threads wil open shortly. Germans will book as normal, potential Jedburghs must book via a PM now to myself only . As evader teams are always over subscribed, if you PM your interest , all places will be confirmed at the end of July. In the interest of security only mysef will know the numbers of the evaders, and you are asked not to reveal if you are evading .

This will be more living history, MILSIM, whatever you want to call it than before. If you want to live in 1944 for a full weekend, at constant threat of being attacked on either side, and feel what it was really like for the men at the time, then this is the one event this year where you will get that opportunity .

We'll post up more details shortly.

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Booking now open! viewtopic.php?f=119&t=8113&p=131671#p131671

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