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A letter back home to Germany 🙂

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Dearest Mother,

just a short note so you know i am ok , the war goes well and the peasants seem to be losing ground at a rapid rate, maybe I will be home sooner than i first thought. Having advanced a lot over the last 2 weeks , our zug has made camp and we are supporting the 24th and there artillery batteries, having set up camp and deployed our defences (mine fields and Mg nests) we started to patrol the area , it was not long before we encountered the enemy , who engaged us , we returned fire with myself killing one straight away , but before we could advance further on them , a patrol from the 24th tore right through them leaving no russian alive, one of my comrades took a slight flesh wound and we treated him for that and carried on our patrol of the area , we managed to avoid a Russian minefield and soon came across what we think was a small russian base, after observing some russians milling around it we took notes for the officers and moved off to carry on our patrol.

We were soon back at base and told to try and get some rest and food down us , but it was not long before there was a small probing attack on our flank , the 24th managed to fight them off , but they had left a lone sniper behind who had a couple of 24th wounded pinned down, myself and my commander moved off to the position looking for the sniper , under the cover of smoke we moved towards the injured soldiers , another valiant soldier of the 24th also tried to get to them but was taken out by the Russian, but this time he had given his position away and after a couple of shots from my rifle his dead body lay on the ground, we managed to provide treatment to the wounded and then returned to base.

Then it went very quiet , too quiet by far , so patrols were dispatched forward , which turned out to be a fatal mistake, with half of our forces deployed on patrols towards the front lines, the sneaky russians had managed to sneak some forces behind us and on our flank away from our main defences. As we heard whistles blow all around us the russian horde attacked the few of us defending the base grabbed what we could, myself grabbing a mg42 which was close by and rushed towards the attacking hordes , the russians had the high ground and had overrun one of MG nests , many russians died in front of my sights as they got closer and closer , our officers and last few defenders put up a valiant fight the russian horde just would not die, we managed to keep them pinned with rifle and machine gun fire but some of the russians got behind us, the first i knew of this was when i felt the sharp pain of a bullet in the back , and seeing another of my squad at my side fall as well just as i blacked out...

When i came too i was receiving medical attention , our patrolling forces had returned and had helped force the russians back , but just too late they had blown up our artillery , the only upside of this is that our patrols had manged to gain intelligence on all the local Russian positions, but we had taken a bloody nose. Our forces were brought back to strength from reserves and got orders from Hq to patrol and check out all the russian positions.
The zug i am part of moved out and patrolled our borders in search of the russians, after a long and tiring walk we came across a russian base which was empty, but not long after we moved out we encountered a Russian patrol, after a quick skirmish we moved back to base to report on the russian base we had found.

Not long after that we received orders of a Russian force had been spotted, we were given orders to move out to hold a crossroad and remove the enemy presence from the area for once and all, after a couple of brief encounters with a few sentries myself and my officer had advanced to the crossroads, where we met up with the main force and engaged the russian forces, but as soon a we killed one of the russians another seemed to step forward to take his place, but with our superior training we soon started to push the peasants back , for me my wound in my back opened up after a nasty fall and had to retire back to the feldpost so did not get to see the final push to wipe out the last of them.

But not long after the rest of the attacking force returned and told stories of how the russian force was crushed under the might of the reich , though from my experiance the poorly trained russians fought well i cant the see the force of the reich been stopped by them , so hopefully my next letter may have news of our return home
hope you and father are well

your loving son


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Excellent write up Chris :D

Unfortunately I also had to miss the final attack as enemy scouts were reported in the area of our HQ (well actually half a dozen tikes from the nearby housing estate )

Posted : 14/10/2014 11:57 am