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[Sticky] The battle for Sinyavino Heights

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The 900 days part II:

German command having finally driven it force into touching distance of the city of Leningrad now issue orders for Operation Nordlicht, these orders were devised to destroy the last defences of the city and allow German forces to complete the encirclement.

Having been given reports of the impending attack Russian high command devise orders for the Sinyavino offensive, this order is for all available Russian divisions to launch an assault to pre-empt the German one and allow the city to stockpile enough food, weaponry, and to sure up defences to allow the city to withstand the attack.

So as the German forces move their heavy weapons into position and dig in their command bunkers the Russians are already moving against them. Russian command send out it forces firstly to set barbed wire and mine field blockades to slow the advance of the German troops and then to send recce groups out to ascertain the position and size of the German forces set against them.

Although the blockades were set with no notable contacts the return of any useful information left Russian commanders unavailable to plan any assault and with all other division attacking soon information was desperately needed.
At the last moment information filtered through about the position of the German guns and even more fruitful to finding of a way into them that seemed to be lacking in any real defensive set up. So the Russian command seized on this and the offensive was struck.

The Russian forces seemed to have timed their attack at the perfect time. Maybe a lack of contact and with German forces eager for the battle ahead had over stretched their number and sent too many soldiers out to find the illusive Russians and some of the Germans defending the guns not being totally ready the offensive was more successful than Russian command had anticipated and all heavy guns in the sector were disabled.

Now with their forces returning to their forward command post the Russian soldiers believed they had bought themselves time and tried to gain whatever sustenance they could but the wounded animal would not let them rest on the instant German counter offensive had them with their back to the city walls almost immediately. Only one thing could be done.

The outnumbered Russian soldiers were sent out to defend, and harass the advance as much as possible hoping that the blockades set would slow the Germans enough to buy the city enough time.

Its seemed to have not, although every Russian soldier laid his life down for the motherland the barbed wire blockades were soon over run and the invaders were at the door. But in their haste, or overtaken with their desire for revenge the clearance of the mine fields had not been carried out as fully as needed and as German re enforcements were moved into the area their losses were severe.... Army group north commanders had no option but to over stretch their forces and deploy pioneer units desperately needed elsewhere to clear the remaining mines but this had a detrimental effect on the rest of the offensive and Russian forces in other sectors were able to keep the encirclement from being completed before the city had been given enough time to prepare.

So although the invaders are at the door the city still stands defiant!...

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