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[Sticky] German Soldbuch's

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Now remember active participation in developing your Soldbuch is NOT a requirement of the game and generic versions will be issued otherwise. However those who wish to personalise theirs I have a list of information required. Again how much of this is personalised and how much is left to me to decide is your choice. These will not be full Soldbuchs but representative with cover and 4 pages.

1. Issue number: this will be decided by myself to avoid duplication
2. Rank when the Soldbuch was issued, this will usually be private:
3. Promotion 1 and date:
4. Promotion 2 and date:
5. Promotion 3 and date:
Now obviously not all promotion slots need to be used but the last entry should be the rank you are showing on your uniform at the game.
6. The first and last name of your persona :
7. Inscription and number of the Dog Tag : Probably best for me to fill in but if you have your own dog tag and want the number reproduced let me know.
8. Blood type :
This would be A, AB, B or O. No + or—this was no yet understood
9. Gasmask size:
This would be either I, II or III. I is the largest
10. Service Number: As this is quite complicated probably best leaving this to me to fill in.
11. Born on (date of birth):
12. In (place of birth):
13. Religion:
Usually abbreviated. ev. (Evangelical-Lutheran), r. kath or kath. (Roman Catholic, ggl. (Gottglaubig-beliver in God), or % for atheist.
14. Occupation:
profession before joining the Army, farmhand, cobbler etc
15. Height in cm's:
16. Build big, small, middle, strong, thin:
17. Face round or oval:
18. Hair colour brown, grey etc:
19. Beard :
For most Soldaten it should read kein (none) or be marked with a %
20. Eyes colour:
21. Special characteristics i.e glasses, scar, tatoo etc:
22. Shoe length in cm's:
23. Shoe Width in cm.s:
24. We will need to know if you were with the unit when it was originally formed or if you are a replacement. If a replacement when did you join?:
25. There are 7 slots for issued equipment which should primarily be the weapon type you are using but also may be any other equipment you would like to see listed:

Those who wish to personalise theirs I suggest copying the above text, fill in details and send it to me as a pm.

Please feel free to research your background and discuss any idea's on this forum.

The following links may help with your German name: ... pe#Austria ... pe#Germany

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Picture needed?

Posted : 02/06/2014 12:07 pm
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Pictures we only added later so no need for photos. I've tried pictures in the past and its more trouble than its worth!

Posted : 02/06/2014 12:31 pm
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Any more Germans requiring a personalised soldbuch will need to get the information to me by 31st August. This is the final cut of date, any not in by then will be issued with a generic version

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oops missed this post lol

Posted : 28/09/2014 8:04 pm