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[Sticky] Background for the event

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Autumn 1942, it’s been a year since Army Group North managed to punch holes through the Soviet defensive lines surrounding the approaches to Leningrad. Since then the blitzkrieg has slowed to a snail’s paced advance fighting through the incessant sodden ground of winter, the German commands unending re enforcing of the army groups to the centre and south, and the dogged resistance of the Red army.

Now on August 19th Army group north has captured the hills overlooking Leningrad known as the Sinyavino Heights. The 18th army’s effort has left their numbers of dead and wounded too great for them to be effective within the line for the commencement of Operation Nordlicht and to finally crush the last defence of the city of Leningrad. So the line has been re-manned by the soldiers of the 11th army with their remit set.

To reinforce the large mortar positions and clear the lower lying woodland of any straggling soviet troops as the bombardment of Operation Nordlicht begins tomorrow. Can the German forces close their grip on the city or will the Soviet forces be able to hold back the onslaught again…

Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2014 4:16 pm