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[Sticky] Rules for Gunman

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Oooops, im used to them being sticky on our old section. My bad.

The basic rules updated March 2009
All Soldiers start with 2 bandages / hits! Any friendly player can heal a wound by tying one of the injured player’s bandages to their arm. On the third hit the soldier is a KIA. If either man is hit during the medic, both are KIA.
When KIA go to a controlled CP to re-spawn.

When shot the soldier makes the load call of ‘HIT’ and must fall to the ground calling for help Medic/Sani).
A shot player shouldn’t be targeted and cannot return fire until healed!!
All wounded players have up to five minutes for a fellow soldier to get to them before they bleed to death and must take a KIA.
If things are a bit hairy or you’re on your own in the middle of no where you make take an immediate KIA! Just put your hand in the air and call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ and return to your CP.
Any soldier can return to their HQ or a controlled CP and be fully restored to full hits (all bandages taken off)

Moving wounded. One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety! (Medics have their own rule)

Grenade affects.
5M away, only safe behind hard cover.
Inside Whole room is cleared or up to 5m in a corridor/stair well.

Mortar and Artillery strikes, 10m away, cover has no affect.

Rules for load outs and Class

Each style of soldier has its own load out; the load outs are defined below. If you are not ranked or have not taken a special role you will be considered a soldier in the field!

Load outs

1. Soldier - Load out
Can use a Sub-machine gun 330fps (Thompson, Mp40/44)
Single shot rifle 370fps (Garand,K98)
Can carry 300rds
Can carry 4 grenades

2. Sniper, sharp shooter– Load out
Can use a single shot bolt-action rifle up to 500fps with a .2 bb
Can carry 100rds
Can carry 2 grenades

3. Support – Load out
Can use a mobile support weapon firing at 350 fps (BAR)
Can use a static MG firing at 370fps (.30cal/MG42)
Can carry 2000rds

Special rolls

1. Lieutenant – In command of up to 15 men - Class
The Officer has access to a radio pack and is responsible for issuing commands in the field.

2. Medic – Class (up to 2 per unit)
Medics cannot open fire whilst applying a bandage!
Moving wounded – Medics only need one hand to move a wounded soldier to safety.
Medics can carry up to 6 red bandages into the field; these bandages represent 1 healed wound. To heal a wound the medic takes off the white bandage of an injured soldier and hands it back to them, then replaces it with 1 of the red ones. Only a visit to a CP can replenish red bandages.

3. Engineer – Class (up to 2 per unit)
Can set charges and defuse bombs.
Can use a Bazooka to take out enemy vehicles and can repair damaged vehicles in the field. This takes 5 Minutes per hit taken on the vehicle and the vehicle must be fully repaired to become active again.

Vehicles at GUNMAN

Only a person that has held a full drivers license for 5 years may drive Vehicles in the game. All vehicles will be self marshalled by the driver. All 4-wheeled+ vehicles are considered armoured and will be awarded a certain amount of hits. Only strikes on the wheels or marked targets on the vehicles will count as a hit.
If the driver is hit, they are hit and must stop driving.

Command Points ‘CP’
The style of CP will vary from event to event it may be a number of REFS on foot, a mobile vehicle or a fixed bunker. The CP is where you reload your mags or re-spawn after a KIA.

The HQ in all cases is ‘OUT OF THE ACTION’ and cannot be attacked unless by order from your command (top brass)

Supplies in the field - optional

Some events will employ the supplies in the field rule. This can only be done if a ‘LIVE’ ammo crate reaches the troops on the line. Once opened the troops must be within 2 metres of the ammo crate to reload. Example: a soldier has used 250 rds and can reload back up to 300rds! Command may also set up ammo dumps in the field to make it easier for the troops to get hold of their ammo.

Capturing hidden supplies.
If you find a crate in the field and its ‘Live’ you can use it to re-supply your troops and deny the enemy of its supplies.
‘LIVE’ crates will have red tape around their lids, to use the crate the tape must be taken off! Each crate will have 20 ammo tokens. Each man takes 1 token (only) to reload; when all the tokens are gone the ammo crate is empty.

Attacking a CP
During an assault on a CP re-spawns and the re-load of Magazines are frozen until the attack is over. An attack will finish when all the soldiers on one side are killed or the attack looses it momentum and is no longer pushing forward onto the CP.
To take a CP 5 live men must hold it for 60 seconds with out taking fire to claim it.

We ask all participants to make as much effort as possible on these battle weekends (no modern kit!) All uniforms must be period in look, we can provide clothing (rental) if you have nothing for free; webbing must be canvas and leather only.

All weapons must be period Airsoft weapons; the only exception is old style grip bolt actions and dressed M14s.
NO winding high caps; only exception is the MP44 mags (when the mid caps are made available these wont be allowed any more), the Thompson 20rnd style mags or MG/support weapon mags.
We have 15 bolt action rifles for rent if you have nothing.

Most importantly, have a bloody good time!!!

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