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‘Operation Redcap’


The Apport devise has 4 codes that need to entered into the input console for it to be activated.
The Activation code for the Apport are split in to 4x 4 digit codes and the only person who knows what order they go in is the only survivor of the station, a scientist who was captured and being held by the Russians (off the map to be returned Sunday).

The 4 codes are held in 4 different locations on the ‘Redcap’ site and must be collected by all the groups, either via force, intrigue or diplomacy.

What happened to the other Scientists at ‘Redcap’?
The other scientists have all been killed by a huge burst of radiation released from the original Borehole. The Bore facility has been damaged beyond repair and anyone that spends more than a few minutes out of a suit in the Building will get ill and finally die. (Black dots will appear on the wrists). However it has the input console for the Apport in it.

All four groups will have their own starting position/HQ which they can always reload and regen from, however there will also be a number of entrance/exit points (CPs) around the site edge of the site that can also be used. The uncontrolled CPs can’t be captured! If enemy are there you will have to find a different place to regen from.

We will use the Ammo crates rule for re-loading in the field.

All the groups have a Commander/Marshal who know the ‘full story’ but all the decisions made over this weekend will come from the influence of the soldiers in the field. Everyone on this mission will be considered a specialist in the field and have volunteered for the operation.

Good luck all and may the best army win…

Heer Schmidt

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