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After The Battle

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That was me with the groin shot! Wrong head! Ha ha, I did feel it and almost couldn't call for a medic! 

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:rofl: Sorry about that mate, just a (un)lucky shot! :giggle:

Oh god, you had to mention the mines!

My squad of 9 men found and defused 2 buried shoe mines :good: and then one of them to slip and roll down the hill straight onto the bloody mine we could all see. 6 Dead with the call of retreat :slap: and a moment of fail that the word fail isnt big enough for :oops:

:rofl: Priceless! No doubt left by Coley's FJ's :twisted: glad to hear they are getting some in-game use :good:

The Tellermine wasn't actually burried, just left inocently on the grass in the center of one of the roads :whistle: I think one of the brits tried to move it.... Oops! :twisted: I didn't get a chance to get the full story on the incident unfortunately.

“I wanted to come to the Volga at a specific location at a specific city. By chance it carries the name of Stalin himself. So don’t think I marched there for this reason – it could carry another name – but because there is a very important goal... this goal I wanted to take – and you know – we are very modest, we have it already."
Adolf Hitler, November 1942

"Comrades, Red Army men, commanders and political workers, men and women guerrillas! It is on your perseverance, staunchness, fighting skill and readiness to discharge your duty to the country that the defeat of the German-fascist army and the liberation of the Soviet land from the Hitlerite invaders depend! We can and must clear the Soviet land of Hitlerite vermin."
Joseph Stalin, November 1942

Posted : 24/11/2010 4:04 pm

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Because I have such a crappy obsolete computer my good friend Mike has uploaded the vids into my youtube account.

Enjoy! :D

:good: EPic :happyclap:

Posted : 26/11/2010 10:43 pm

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