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Troops at Op TONGA

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Troop Types
UNIFORMS- Please try and research your kit and make the best impression you can it really enhances the event people talking beforehand and kitting up together.
If you don`t have some kit ask. There is a lot of kit out there which people will lend.
We are not asking for Re-enactor standard although a lot of you will endeavour to achieve such a look.
8th Parachute Battalion British Airborne kit/Glider troops kit and any British infantry in BD`s. Helmets or Berets

1st British Commando Relief Force Brit KD`s Denims Beret or Cap Comforter or Helmet.

French Resistance Towns People. Following on from the successful SOE Game You will be able to immerse yourself in Role Play with a Little Shooty on the Side
Civilian dress- try and get some look alike period clothes. (Truppenfahrad if you have one ) or gendarme outfit etc

American Airborne Pathfinder Stick- There will be a Lost Drop stick of 6 (Strictly Limited) US Airborne pathfinders, who having come to the war late and lost will have special role to full fill.

German Forces
736th Grenadier Regt -Heer Infantry Field Grey with Helmets.
192nd Panzer Grenadiers Field Grey with Helmets with either a Camo Heer Smock or a Splinter Helmet Cover.

(Please wear a helmet as it really enhances the look. If you don`t have one ask in the Kit lending thread as people have them to lend if not contact the organisers and we will see what we can do )

No SS troops or SS Camo are incorporated in this event.

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