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[Sticky] What we are about

Hänschen klein
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Southern Army Div Who we are what we are about?

Most of the community know who we are or have been to one of our events.

This event will be put on by a small group of experienced WW2 players from the Southern Army Div (SAD). Every event we run is entirely non-profitable and using the tried and tested SAD Game ethos.

What we are about- We endeavor to run events which are immersive, which put you in the position of an ordinary WWII soldier - not a blatfest, not sneaking around on your own, doing your own thing.
Soldiers are expected to wear standard uniforms and helmets, and to follow their orders without question.
We don't say this because we're control freaks, but because we're trying to give you the most realistic experience we can.
We use stringent ammo limits, ammo resupply and medic rules, to enhance the event experience.

What we expect from you: buy into the immersive experience, try to act like a soldier of that period, or a conscript - since many were. Obey your orders, and work in your designated squad.
We are like a Sausage Machine what you put in You will get out. Just ask anyone who has attended any of our events to get their take on it

What we will not tolerate:
1. Not obeying orders
2. Going off on your own
3. Moaning / whinging
4. Hit-calling / cheat-calling (Shoot with your guns not your mouths)
5. Gamesmanship - i.e. cheating / trying to circumvent the rules to your advantage

If you're likely to do any of the above - DO NOT BOOK ON TO OUR EVENTS.

Topic starter Posted : 04/12/2018 7:48 am