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General Rules

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This will be a mil sim type game.
Unit commanders to issue orders

Automatic weapons 500 rounds on person(up to 370fps)
Rifles 100 rounds on person (Up to 370 fps)
Support weapons 2000 rounds (up to 400 fps miniumum engagement of 30m) One per squad.
Sniper 100 rounds (500fps miniumum engagement of 30m) Only one per squad!!
Replenish ammo back at command post or supply depots.

2 bandages to be carried. First hit cry 'Medic' or 'Sani'. Team member to use bandage to heal. Second hit fall back to admin point to regen.
Grenade kills cant be mediced. Fall back to admin point to regen. No running from grenades.

Close Combat:
rubber bayonets can be used and a bayonet kill means automatic return to admin point.

Food to be taken in to the field to eat around missions. Half an hour stand down time 1245 to 1315.

We welcome vehicles along and they can drive around the site moving troops. Please let me know if you are bringing any.
They will not take part in the fighting and are not to be shot at.

Topic starter Posted : 02/02/2018 4:31 pm