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Many thanks to Wladek, Yith and Lipton for a great fun day.

Thanks to my fellow squad members Gav, Lardy, Razorlight & No 1 son, a pleasure to fight alongside you :good:

Tony's MG34 looked great in the flesh, must try to improve mine now!

Thanks to our worthy adversaries the yanks, not quite Hell on Wheels but great opponents :good:

An interesting site, would like to do that one again.

Downside: first time wearing a collarless shirt and collar liner - neck rubed raw :(

Will defo sign up to Wladeks next game

Posted : 15/04/2012 7:16 pm
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again a big thank you to all who organised this event and made it happen and to all the players for fair play ,kit quality and enthusiasm .some good memory's of helping lardy keep Patton stalled until we were finally and deservingly double grenaded :rofl:

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Posted : 15/04/2012 7:26 pm
Joshua Rose
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Yep, great day, just a little tired now!

"I was fabulous, and it was a bloody good laugh."

Posted : 15/04/2012 7:27 pm
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(p.s you wouldn't believe how much i grinned when i realised i get to put my first campaign medal on my sig ! :happydance: )

WW2 Airsoft events are like women - you always remember your first :roll:

Posted : 15/04/2012 7:45 pm
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Great day, enjoyed it, seeing what those damned yankees were like to fight against. Very impressed with Tonys MG34 and congratulations to our young squad leader who kept us in order during the day.

Posted : 15/04/2012 9:53 pm
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Good fun social as always. Loved the site, and would like to go there again. I liked the squad / regen rules, and I believe I actually hit some enemy, which is a rarity for me!

Thanks to all the organisers. :good:

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Posted : 16/04/2012 7:18 am
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Thanks to all the organisers, it was a well run game at a really interesting site.

The social was really good too, great to see old friends and new faces.

Yesterday afternoon I was really flagging and had to take some time out as I was completely exhausted, which is a very rare thing for me. Once I got home and relaxed I realised that I was feeling really dodgy with prickly skin and a really sore throat. Today I've got a stinking cold. Eurgh. So, sorry if I went AWOL for half an hour yesterday, but I think Patton would understand that I needed to take some Lemsip.... :whistle:

Posted : 16/04/2012 8:17 am
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Well, that was a good weekend (icing on the cake was flopping in front of an excellent Grand Prix courtesy of iPlayer when I got home :lol: ).

Well done to the organisers, great job there - interesting site too! It is always a pleasure to spank Americans, shame I have to dress in a German uniform to do it :twisted: There have been a number of games now using the 200 round ammo limit and, unless there is a very good reason to use higher limits, I am perfectly content with the balance between 'realism' and 'playability' for it to be the standard rule for all WW2 games from now on. And it means a bottle of BBs last for a year, which is nice.

Loved watching Del being a demon with the K98, Tony's silly grin when mowing down the enemy in the later stages of the assaults through the woods, bollocks banter at the social, our sneaky 3pm assault on an enemy occupied building only to find when we got there it was full of Germans :slap: , the comraderie of Gruppe Dora. My stupid moment was, having run out of ammo, being sent back to HQ to ask for an ammo resupply. Then hacking back to the front line with the ammo crate only to remember that my BBs were in the bag back at HQ so a bunch of (nice) cartridge boxes were no use to me whatsoever - and then ensued a bit of a farce of my bag being fetched for me only to find I had been killed in the meantime and then the bag disappearing for a while as retreating troops helpfully scooped it up. Moral, don't be a lazy git and be sure to carry essential kit on your person.

Great to see plenty of faces from our first days of WW2 airsoft games as well as the new!

Final thought - giving the Yanks two bandages might have given them enough of an edge to progress naturally, given they were down in numbers.

And I'll end with a question (although I can guess the answer) - did Barrie get a kill with the DBoys K98?

Posted : 16/04/2012 8:54 am
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And I'll end with a question (although I can guess the answer) - did Barrie get a kill with the DBoys K98?

No! lol

Anyway, I'll post my thoughts later. I really ought to get some work done!

Posted : 16/04/2012 9:03 am
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Got back last night exhausted with a thumping headache, I didn't drink enough water through the day and now I too have a cold. It was a smashing day preceeded by a most entertaining social, big thanks to my fellow Doughboys for organising a great game, and special thanks for Wladek for cooking a stonking dinner of Jumbalaya & pan fried fish. Funniest moment of my day was when, after leading Mindham on a potentially suicidal charge, and both surviving I watched a grenade land next to us and had no energy to run away. I nudged mindham, nodded in the direction of the grenade, which he hadn't noticed, and we waited to die. :( What a tragic waste of human life.

Posted : 16/04/2012 10:37 am
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Excellent day. Thanks again to all who organised and played. I thought the site (once we found it!) was very suitable - and as a bonus is only an hour's drive for me.

I thought everyone was very well turned out and the standard of play was as high as expected.

I was part of the German MG section - along with Martin (NCO with K98), Steve (MP40 and scary face mask) and Tony (MG34).

See you all again soon!

Posted : 16/04/2012 11:53 am
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Completely knackered and aching all over, so it must have been a good event... :good:

I'm really glad everyone liked the event, I had a great time myself. Lots of fun playing alongside the rest of Able section, Ed, Barrie and Wayne.

Dean and Craig did most of the organising for this one so hands off to them for getting it right and dealing with the few hiccups we had.

It was tense and atmospheric and occasionally frantic! When I first saw the site I knew we had to run a game there and it was helped by the staff at MAW being so friendly and accommodating. I do hope that other WWII games will be run there as well, hopefully by others and not just the Doughboys so that the other allied nations can get chance to fight the axis amongst the WWII buildings they have there. We didn't actually use all the site that was available to us, though we used all the best bits!.

And of course the social. A great one indeed with old and new faces and some rather odd discussions... I managed to keep pretty sober and went to bed early... though still not as early as Webby!

Posted : 16/04/2012 12:36 pm
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Thanks to Dean and Craig for running this and, I echo all of the above comments. I had a great time, from the social to endex and it's always great to play without the pressure of having to keep 40+ players happy as well. I'm glad that the weather held for us too. The German side stuck to it's squads and tasks really well, holding up the Americans all day with some dogged defences. Ammo limits were spot on, I never knew that my trusty old MP40 was so good on single shot! In fact, in the first phase of the battle, I actually ran out of ammo, even after only firing on single shot (which left Keith to get grenaded out of the building we were defending but, only after we had shot a few dozen Americans!). After that, I don't think I had to reload once. I was particularly glad to be in a sqaud with old friends I've been playing alongside of for over 5 years too, it really brought back some good memories.

The site really is great, a true hidden gem, which I'd never heard of before this event, even though it's only an hour away from me. Good facilities and good staff too. I'd like to go back there at some point, as it suits a number of scenarios (I thought of about 6 as I walked around it!).

Anyway, enough waffle, here are the photo's!

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And, the one of our squad where the chap (I forget his name!) tagged onto us.
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Posted : 16/04/2012 12:43 pm
Universal Gunner
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Once I got home and relaxed I realised that I was feeling really dodgy with prickly skin and a really sore throat. Today I've got a stinking cold. Eurgh. So, sorry if I went AWOL for half an hour yesterday, but I think Patton would understand that I needed to take some Lemsip.... :whistle:

And then on your return you immediately found yourself hit by friendly fire from Charlie section. Sorry. :oops: In our defence we weren't expecting anything except Jerry hidden in the bushes in front of us as we advanced.

I had a great time, the only downpoint I was having in the whole day was losing a mag and I even found that. The Thompson didn't fail me once during the day which is unheard of for me, it was a fantastic site, a great standard of kit from everyone as Sgt Heide's photographs testify. And excellent command from the Colonel who together with the Leutenant kept the game flowing well so that I had no idea while playing that it was not going the way they had originally intended. Many thanks Craig and Dean. Full marks.

I like C-W's idea of two bandages when numbers become unbalanced on the day, sounds like a simple way of evening things a little.

My first time out in US kit and I have to say it offers pretty poor protection to twigs and stinging nettles. My legs were scratched to buggery and stinging like hell for most of the night while my M41 is torn in at least two places. A week in the field and I'm sure I would be dressed only in rags! Knackered now, probably not helped by only a couple of hours sleep on Saturday night, and even had to stop at Newport Pagnell services on the way home for a snooze.

But final word must go to Charlie section. Well done everyone and apologies for my inept leadership, some are born to lead and some find that in a metaphorical game of musical chairs everyone else seems to have grabbed a seat. I tried leading from the front, then the back, then by losing you all together and all with exactly the same degree of success I fear. It was a saddening sight to see so much blood pouring from my men's faces but testament to your own bravery and willingness to dive in headfirst and meet any perils face on. Well done guys, a plate of Mama's Blueberry Pie for all.


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Posted : 16/04/2012 1:54 pm
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What a splendid day. I loved it from arrival in the dead of night to going home time. Thanks very much to Craig, Dean and the Doughboys for putting it on.
I thought our officer, Dean, was excellent. He conducted himself with the appropriate amount of Prussian swagger all day. Well done sir. You do need the cigarette holder and monicle though.
The Germans were frankly superb and showed superior fighting spirit and tactical brillance all day. I may be ever so slightly biased. :whistle:
Thanks to all the rest of you for a cracking, very enjoyable day/game/event/call it what you like... it was great. Thanks and see you next time. :good:

Posted : 16/04/2012 3:11 pm
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Thanks to all those who organised this event for I had a great day. A special thanks go out to the yanks, you died hard and well and of course the Germans, yes, we were awsome, but lets face it we were defending pretty much all day bar one attack and it was terrain which was easy to defend. Thanks to all for their comments about my MG34, it played its part especially at the end, whilst on top of the building it was mince meat for the yanks and they kept coming :happydance:
Great to see old and new faces and see some of you at future games, Tony

Posted : 16/04/2012 3:21 pm
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what a great day really enjoyed myself well done to Graig and Dean for this truly a fun day

Posted : 16/04/2012 5:12 pm
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great day, 1st time as US and what a blast. top notch gameplay from all. cheers.

Posted : 16/04/2012 5:18 pm
Barrie and Anne
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Excellent game, thanks to all involved in putting it on.

I enjoyed the final assault at the end best, and suicide charging Lardy and Tony(?) through the buildings.

Thanks to Yith for pointing out that I didn't actually shoot anybody all day. I do however earn the (self-appointed) accolade of being the only person courageous* enough to turn up to a CQB fight with a DBoys K98. This shall be known as the "One Shot - One Kill" Gold Medallion - because you get one shot off, and then you die.

Also, Anne says hello to everyone who was asking after her, and sorry for having to miss out.

Note - For "courageous" read "foolhardy".

Posted : 16/04/2012 7:06 pm
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Thanks to Craig and Dean for a great game, and a very interesting site - nice mix of buildings, woodlands and undulations. I do like a good undulation. Many thanks to the heroic Landsers of Zug 2, especially Tony who happily mowed down the Amis with his MG34, and to Dean for his unflagging energy.

I was delighted to shoot some people with my K98 on its first outing, and also to actually use my e-tool to dig in. Everyones gear looked fabulous, the standard of gameplay was very high and we all managed to stay in our sections. To echo the comments above, the 200 limit worked very well, and the level of roleplaying really added to the atmosphere.


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Posted : 16/04/2012 7:36 pm
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