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Airsoft Event - Gunman Eversley

The Allied advance steam rolls through the hedgerows of Normandy to the quiet town of Saint-Lo, however now has come to a near standstill due to the lack of supplies between two rival armies and the fierce German resistance.

Saint-Lo is the next target. It has been bearing the brunt of American bomber squadrons because of its strategic importance to the German forces spread across Western France, it serves as a cross roads to the front line logistics supplying much needed ammunition and reinforcements.

Sadly there is a German battery, believed to be called ‘Greta’, which has been shelling the American front line and axis of advance. The battery has also been perfectly sighted and remains masked to allied forces. Thanks to our counter battery specialists it’s believed to be located in either of two likely areas in proximity of Spot Height 192.

With Greta Battery delaying our advance, this is going to be very costly mission indeed. The US 2ID have now been tasked with advancing to contact and fighting through the German positions in order to silence that battery before securing Height 192.

The Infantry have dubbed this “Purple Heard Drawer”.

Bookings & Cost

Ages 10-16 must be accompanied by a participating adult.
Payments should be made to family and friends on PayPal to please sate that it is for Purple Heart Drawer, with your full name, team you wish to fight for and specialised role if applicable.
The first 10 people to book on and pay in full receive a gift pack!
• Full Weekend, 30-60+ spaces - £55 - £25 deposit, full payment 2 weeks before game.*
• Saturday or Sunday - £35 per day. £15 deposit, full payment 2 weeks before game.*
• Limited Sniper Roles (4 Slots per side)
• Engineer Roles (Special Task)

Rental Kits:
Rental kits will be available for this event in the following options:
• German Heer – Tunic, trousers, gaiters, webbing, helmet and gun.
• American 2ID – Jacket, trousers, gaiters, webbing helmet and gun.
Prices will be fixed £25 per kit.*

*Price may vary depending on weapon:
• Standard weapons - £25 for the weekend
• Sniper rifle with scope + Pistol - £35 for the weekend
• Machine gun + Unlimited Ammunition - £35 for the weekend

Included in Cost:
• Indoor & Outdoor camping areas.
• Free meals and water will be provided.**
• Free drinks in the Bar.***
• Site hire
• Insurance

*If you have not paid in full 2 weeks before the game, your space will be given to another player and your money refunded.

**Food and water will be provided during game hours. Food will be allocated per team (e.g. 30 Axis and 30 Allies).
You will need to provide your own water bottle, mess kit and cutlery. If you have any dietary needs or allergies please inform us immediately.

***Once all game activities have ceased evening entertainment will be provided for both Allied and Axis players. If you have tunics and walking out uniform we invite you to wear it for the social event.

Game Specific Rules:
• You must keep rules on your person.
• No Pyrotechnics or weapons must be used outside of game hours.
• No lone wolves.
• Play by the rules.
• Do not cheat, you will be asked to leave.
• Sufficient eye protection must be worn.
• Sturdy foot wear should be worn to avoid ankle and foot injury.
• Drinking water must be carried for consumption to avoid dehydration.
• A form of white light (torch) must be carried at all times.
• Some form of whistle must be carried for emergency.
• A white bandage must be carried at all times.
• To leave the spawn zone you must have a squad leader.
• Automatic is permitted indoors, however bursts of 3-5 will do fine.
• Vehicles must have lights on when moving during dark hours.

1. Water:
Ensure that you bring sufficient drinking water and water bottle, a soldier cannot survive of cans of pop and Monster alone.

2. Ammunition Count:
• Pistol – 2 Magazines
• Shotgun – 100 Rounds
• Rifle (Bolt Action) – 100 Rounds
• Rifle (Semi Auto) – 100 Rounds
• SMG (Full Auto) – 300 Rounds
• Automatic Rifle (Full Auto) – 200 Rounds
• Machine gunner – 2000 Rounds
• Sniper – 50 Rounds
• Anti-Tank – 2 Rockets
Extra ammo may be carried in metal ammo container e.g. MG34 Trommel or .30cal box.

3. Classes:
• Section Commander – It is your role to ensure your section is kept together and is working efficiently to carry out your orders and your commander’s intent. You must also manage water, ammunition and casualties. Look after your men and they will work hard for you. (to be a section commander please dress appropriately, and act the part e.g. sergeant stripes.)

• Rifleman – You are the back bone of the modern fighting force. Your role is to obey direction from your section commander to win the fire fight or use your quick thinking to outflank the enemy position. Put in maximum effort and you will be rewarded by your superiors.

• Automatic Rifleman – Your role is simple. You are a rifleman with an added capability, the ability of sustained and accurate automatic rifle fire. Keep the enemies heads down as you fire during the assault.

• Machine Gunner – You are the heavy support that your section needs to win a fire fight, although the machine gun is heavy, you have fire superiority over the enemy fire teams. You can only use this weapon in two roles. You may fire from a sustained fire position (bipod deployed) or fire from the hip on the assault.

• Sniper – Snipers are integrated into the sections. They can use their keen eye to spot out key enemy machine gunners and section commanders in order to create chaos. These are limited to one per section and must work within the section. At absolutely no point in time will the sniper be allowed to lone wolf unless he has been briefed for a special mission. The sniper must carry a pistol and will not be allowed to play without one due to the minimum engagement range of 30 meters.

• Anti-Tank – Your role is to destroy vehicles and emplacements. Use your rockets wisely as your team may be relying on you!

• Assault Engineer – Engineers like to think they are the workers of the Army. They will be given special tasks from laying mines, demolitions or even building obstacles to slow down and enemy force.

• Medic – The medic is the life line of each section. At time he may be running around like a headless chicken to breathe life back into players. He should also strive to check on your actual health b making sure you have drank enough water or eaten enough food. Look after your medic. He will be the angel on your shoulders.

4. Spawning:
When you spawn in the SPAWN ZONE you will be with your section and section commander. You cannot leave the spawn zone without the section commander.
Your SPAWN ZONE will be your HQ.

4. Surrendering:

You have the option to surrendour yourself! If you surrender you must have your weapon slung and approach the enemy with your hands held above your head. You will have to conform to a search and then maybe taken to the enemy HQ for questioning before being released. Be warned, some SOLDIERS may not take you prisoner! (No personal effects can be confiscated, Weapons can be held for the captured PLAYER until PLAYER is released.)

5. HQ:
Your HQ will consist of an Aid station (Marked with Red Cross) and a HQ Element (e.g. HQ Tent) where you will spawn from.

6. Game Casualty:
You are a casualty in play if:
• You are Melee killed (Another PLAYER puts his hand on you and states, “Knife!” or bayonetted).
• You are struck by a BB.
• You stand on a mine. (Big bang and white dust)
• You are 5 meters from a pyro technique explosion. (Including mines.)
• You are in a room with pyro techniques and not behind hard cover. (Concrete.)
• You inhale yellow smoke (poison/toxin) without a mask.
Actions on casualty:
• You must role play your own injury for 5 minutes. (Fall down screaming.)
• Continue role playing injury until revived.
• If you are dead, when other players are out of site return to spawn zone.
*If you become a casualty during dark hours you must use white light to donate that you are dead.

7. Dead:
You are dead if you are wearing a white bandage and:
• You are Melee killed (Another PLAYER puts his hand on you and states, “Knife!” or bayonetted).
• You are struck by a BB.
• You stand on a mine. (Big bang and white dust)
• You are 5 meters from a pyro technique explosion. (Including mines.)
• You are in a room with pyro techniques and not behind hard cover. (Concrete.)
• You inhale yellow smoke (poison/toxin) without a mask.

8. Revive/Respawn:
You can be revived by:
• Another PLAYER can apply your bandage to revive you.
• Injured SOLDIERS can be moved, however must be carried. (If you can.)
• A Medic PLAYER can revive you back to full health by applying a bandage then removing it again.
• If you have a bandage a Medic PLAYER can revive you back to full health.
• If you have a bandage on and have not been killed, you can visit an AID STATION to revive you back to full health.

9. Vehicles:
All in play vehicles will be issued with white smoke. White smoke is to be ignited when the vehicle is immobilised or disabled.
• Soft Skin Vehicles (Jeep, Kubelwagen, Opel Blitz) – These vehicles can be disabled with grenades, this does not kill the occupants inside the vehicle. If these vehicles are hit with rockets, mines or charges they will be destroyed and all occupants killed.

• Armoured Vehicle (Halftrack, Sherman, Stug) – Rockets, mines and explosives charges will be required to damage these hefty vehicles. When the vehicle is truck once by mine, rocket or charge the vehicle and crew are all dead. White smoke will be used to show the vehicle is destroyed.

10. Bunkers:
Once a bunker has been contacted you will only have two option to deal with the situation.
• Retreat – Call the “Retreat” and fall back from the bunker completely.

• Assault – Begin an assault on the bunker and neutralize the threat. Firing through the vision slits will not simply kill the combatants but will supress them for 3 seconds. A grenade, anti-tank rocket or satchel charge will completely disable a bunker.


1. FPS Limits:
All weapons will be choreographed on arrival.
• Pistol – 370fps
• Shotgun – 370fps
• Rifle (Bolt Action) – 370fps
• Rifle (Semi Auto) – 370fps
• SMG (Full Auto) – 370fps
• Automatic Rifle (Full Auto) – 370fps
• Machine gunner – 370fps
• Sniper – 500fps
Co2 and HPA airsoft guns are welcome. They must meet the FPS limit required.

2. Real Time Casualty:
If someone becomes a real time casualty or has a serious injury shout "STOP! STOP! STOP!" to nearby players and over communications via mobile phone to (+44)07377676965, give your location and mechanism of injury and await assistance. If you cannot reach anyone, blow on your safety whistle until someone comes to your aid.
When you hear “Casualty!” you must instantly cease all activity and wait for help.

3. Lost:
If you become very lost and do not know where you are.
You must:
• Immediately sit down.
• Call for assistance on phone to (+44)07377676965.
• Use light and noise (Whistle) to attract attention
• Wait for assistance.

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I may have missed it, but where is his event being held?





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I may have missed it, but where is his event being held?

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I had missed it out.

It will be hosted at Gunman Eversley! :good:

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