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[Sticky] REICHSWALD - Peel Marshes December 4-6 2009

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A full immersion/Living History Event is now set for the 4th and 5th December 2009.
We have secured a site at Junction 36 of the M1 in South Yorkshire consisting of 50+ acres of broadleaf woodland on a challenging hillside. The terrain is undulating and there are some good features which we will not reveal as it will spoil the ambience and the experience.
Access to site is GOOD but vehicles are restricted to the top third of the site. We will however make good use of the availabel space and period vehicles are required and welcome.

For now the Scenario is presented for your information. This is the base scenario and to add interest specific missions will be delivered to commanders throughout the course of the weekend as and when the scenario will support them.


The flanks of two Allied armies find themselves opposite a densely wooded area of difficult terrain in the Peel Marshes area of the Netherlands with Helmond to the North and Weert to the South.

Little is known as Overflys have revealed little given the heavy tree cover. Preliminary reconnaissance has indicated that German Troops are in deep defence and that given the terrain Armoured vehicles would be of little use. So this is going to be an infantry battle and artillery or mortar support would be largely ineffective and possibly dangerous to friendly forces.

The British and Canadian Troops occupy the Northern sector whilst the US 9th Army holds the Southern Sector.

The border is easily identified as a major Power Line runs North to South and this is the demarcation zone which needs to be crossed. All ground to the East of this is considered Enemy Territory.

The Germans consist of three distinct forces, Southern Elements of the 1st Parachute Army lie in depth at the Northern End of the Forest whilst to the South, the Northern Element of Kampgruppe Kluge (ficticious) comprising SS troops of 9 Pz Div and other scratch formations lies in wait to halt the invaders. Sandwiched between these two formidable forces is the 272 Volksgrenadier Division, Newly formed and equipped with largely automatic weapons, what they lack in experience they make up for in firepower.

There are rumours of a secret base situated in the heart of the Forest and also a Panzerubungsplatz (Tank Training Ground) which, if overrun could provide valuable intelligence.

So the scene is set. With the Germans lying in prepared positions to defend their homeland, The Allies have until Midnight on Friday the 4th December to formulate their plans to penetrate the Reich and drive back or kill the defenders. Troops must be in positions by midnight ready to jump off at first light on December 5th (07.49) and they have 8 hours and 15 minutes of daylight before the sun sets again at 15.53 and they have to dig in for the night. Patrols will be sent out to probe the enemy’s defences on both sides – Sentries will have to be posted – It will be a long night until Sunday morning comes at 07.49 when the battle will commence.

The objectives for each side are as follows:

Allies – Take as much ground as possible and hold it. Search for Installations and Neutralise. Investigate Reports of a Training Area to the North and if possible capture it intact. Patrol in strength and conduct reconnaissance to gain intel for HQ.

Germans – Defend tenaciously the ground you occupy. Use all forces at your disposal to repel the Allied invaders. Defend all and any Installations in your sector including Power, Munitions, Bunkers and Fortifications. Patrol in Strength and conduct reconnaissance for a possible counterattack.

There you are folks - We have a format - Next will be released the TOE (Uniform Regs and Weapons "Allocations" - which, for this first outing will be sympathetic - we will work on getting it tighter as we progress) and then the Booking Lists. The challenge here is to live out there in December WHILST undertaking the "soldierly" bits....... We will also publish a "Survival Guide" and Equipment Required Lists to make this possible. An Event pack will be availabel to download online soon also

LOOK! I ham now four meggle man!

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