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ageing an asg mp40.

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Ageing your MP40. lightly rub with very fine wet and dry to expose the metal edges and get some Back to black T-cut and gently polish. The dull black surface of the ASG will soon take on a bit of life.

Bakerlite finish - don't know but if it was me, find some reference on the web, buy some suitable colour enamel model paints and experiment on the panels and grips (after you've taken them off the gun). Once you're happy put on some duckshell varnish letting it dry completely before you put them back on.

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There will be a weathering guide up on the WW2 airsoft website sometime this week... :wink:

Posted : 06/09/2011 2:34 pm

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Try those green pan cleaning things, scotchbrite? They are quite gentle but still cut through paint.
I use them on guitars to give them the 'been there' look. £2 pad+£2000 Les Paul+a couple of hours = road worn rock monster. Add a few files for frets and finger board edge = slick playing rock monster.
Bakelite came in black too. Leave well alone and be one of the cool guys. Black is cool, brown is for nerds and librarians. :happydance:

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Yes, just leave the bakelite bits alone. Once you've weathered the metal, the contrast with the black 'bakelite' becomes fairly obvious.


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