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[Sticky] Sevastopol Game Rules

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As with every AGS event, the Sevastopol game is all about immersing ourselves in the mindset of a WW2 soldier. The props and the site dressing will help with that immersion as will the attention to detail in your own uniform and weapon. We don't expect reenactor-level kit accuracy, a knowledge of military history or even any experience airsofting. However we do expect you to turn up with the right attitude. Without that we're just a bunch of sad gits mucking about in an old quarry.

This is a tactical scenario but there are more to tactics than wall-to-wall shooting. You will be expected to obey all orders given to you by your CO and NCOs. Some of your tasks might seem pointless. Some will be boring. Many will be dangerous. Trust us on this - obeying orders and doing risky stuff for your comrades will be a lot more fun than hiding behind a rock all by yourself emptying hi-caps at someone.

The Soviets and Germans will each deploy players dressed as NKVD and Feldgendarmerie respectively. Their primary job is to ensure that players remain in squads throughout the game as it's all too easy to find yourself wandering around alone after respawn or if you get separated from your unit. MPs are a part of the event, they can shoot and they can be killed. They are NOT marshals. They are NOT there to make sure you stick to the rules - you are expected to do that all by yourself. If you're the kind of player who doesn't like taking hits or who thinks it's OK to cheat in order to win, then this event isn't for you.

There will be a limit of 330fps for AEGs & pistols, 500fps for single shot "sniper" rifles and 380fps for support weapons. Sensible minimum engagement distances for high powered rifles will be demonstrated on the day. Note that these are maximum limits. If your weapon fires hotter than this, you won't be able to use it so please get your gun tested before game day.
Support weapons must be deployed before firing - set them up on a bipod, sandbag, wall, comrade's shoulder, whatever. No Action Man hip-firing your MG42 please (yes, I know it was done but we're not doing it).
No lookalike guns for this one. There is already a thread on acceptable weaponry. If you don't have a suitable gun, please post on the gun loan thread to see if some kind soul will lend you one.

BB hits on any part of the body count, Ricochets and gun hits don't.
Once hit you must drop to the ground and indicate loudly that you've been hit. We'd prefer a good theatrical scream rather than just a pale pink "hit"
A wounded player can be medic'd once at any time and get back in the game. There is no timed bleed-out. You can wait for an hour for medical assistance if you want to or you can head back to re-gen after five minutes. It's up to you. If you medic another player you must spend at least 1 minute applying dressings, murmuring words of comfort, stealing his watch, etc.
A second hit after being medic'd will kill and require you to impersonate a corpse until the firefight around you is over (or after a reasonable amount of time if you're stuck in no-man's land). Don't immediately rise from the dead like Lazarus and wander off. After the shooting has stopped you must return to a re-gen point and wait until an MP or FG puts you back into circulation.

Grenades, artillery, mines and all mortar shells (including smoke) have a 5 meter instant kill radius regardless of whether anything actually hits you. Grenades exploding inside a room or bunker will kill everyone inside.
To avoid being repeatedly shot, remove your cap or helmet when returning to a re-spawn point. Players without headgear are deemed to be not in play.
Dead men can't talk. Wounded men can't talk (except to say "aargh, that really hurts"). Medic'd men CAN talk - they are back in the game.
If a bb hits you then you're hit. No arguments. No "my shot hit you first" or "you must have cheated to get into that position" rubbish.

No bang rule. We're grown men playing with toy guns, let's not make it more than it already is. If you have to shoot someone at close range, choose a suitable target (not the face or groin).

If a player gets close enough to an enemy to tap them firmly on any part of the body it counts as a stealth kill. If you have a rubber knife or bayonet you can use it, but only to TAP the other player. No stabbing, slashing, garrotting or wrestling people to the ground and definitely NO real edged weapons to be drawn. Stealth kills MUST be unobserved by the victim. Pretending to surrender and then doing a karate chop doesn't count. Stealth kills are instant kills and you should die silently.

Any type and any shape of commercially available airsoft grenade is allowed - bb, powder, bang, etc. They all have the same 5m kill radius. 9mm BFGs are also allowed but must be rolled rather than thrown. 12mm BFGs, other stupidly loud pyro and any home-made items are not permitted.
There is NO shop at this site. You will need to bring everything with you.

To increase realism and to ameliorate the advantage of having an automatic weapon we will again be implementing ammo limits:
Rifles and submachine guns - 200 per person per life. This is a maximum and represents the most ammunition you can carry. Ammo cannot be carried over from past lives or stockpiled.
Support weapons - 1500 per life. NOTE - in order to get another full 1500, the gun itself must return to re-spawn point. Members of a gun crew who leave their weapon to re-spawn will only be allowed 200.
Extra ammunition in the form of tokens may be brought forward during the game. Ammo tokens are worth 200 rounds so an infantryman will only need one in order to get back up to their 200 round limit. Gun crews can use multiple tokens to reload up to their 1500 round limit.

For practical purposes you can carry around as much ammo as you like but you should only mag-up and use the designated amounts.

You will be expected to take everything you need for the day into the field - food, ammunition, batteries, spare socks, the lot. There will be no lunch break and any eating or drinking will be done in the field. No returning to cars mid-game.

Every player must wear suitable eye protection for the duration of the game. Full face Darth Vader type masks tend to spoil the immersion for other players so please, please, PLEASE wear something else if you possibly can. Here is a thread on alternative face protection if you really can't stand the idea of a welt on your pwetty ickle phizzog: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3904

As event organisers, we want you to have a good time and will do everything we can to help you out if you have a particular problem, however we're not your mum and this isn't Butlins. Don't assume that we will provide facilities for you just because other organisers at other games have done so. If you're not sure about stuff then FFS ASK US BEFOREHAND !!

This is supposed to be fun. If you do all the above then it WILL be fun. Looking for loopholes in the rules, ignoring orders because you want to go and shoot people, not taking hits and generally acting like a jerk makes it not fun. We don't want that.

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