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How good was the last one?

Hänschen klein
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OK last time out I went as German Feldwebel in command of the Heer detachment in the village. Lutz and I spoke German of course and added atmosphere with loads of props for the German Guard room and radio room. We were aided by Russel who set up a comprehensive First Aid Station. The Germans had a ball being posted to bridges and guarding the village searching French civilians as they came into the village. Then going out actively rooting out SOE and short sharp fire fights with the Resistance.

I took my hat off to the French they really got into the spirit of the game. One chap spent most of the day speaking with us in an outrageous French accent trying to sell us Le Plonker Wine (Yes he brought bottles of water with wine labels on) and speaking to other after the game they said they were Sh**ing themselves as they smuggled weapons in to the village being stopped by guards who got lazy at the end of the day not properly searching them. The adrenaline was running high on both sides with Resistance thinking they were going to get caught and shot (Yes we did execute one chap for weapons smuggling and imprisoned another) and the Germans on patrol being ambushed at any moment.

The SOE had it hard but constantly on the lookout for German patrols and trying to link up with Resistance to complete their missions and Yes Josh supplied them with a suitcase with a small Morse receiver in ti which caused immense amounts of fun.

So if you havn`t signed up Do it now as you will miss out on the most immersive fun exhilarating game this year. French Civvies kit easy to get and I think Josh has loan kit if you want to come as SOE or German.

Sign up or Lose out.

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2019 4:24 pm
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I agree with Gordon, this was one of the few games I managed to play last year and it was awesome. Unfortunately I can't make this one due to prior commitments but if you can make it, do, you won't regret it !






Posted : 01/06/2019 3:50 pm
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Sadly due to work I can’t make this one, but last years game was brilliant, one of the best ww2 events I’ve attended so far. To anyone new attending this year, I hope you enjoy it. If the plan is similar to last year it will start a little quiet and will be very roleplay oriented, but once the resistance are all kitted out it will no doubt escalate into a confusing, and adrenaline packed firefight later on. (Confusing for us fritz’s anyway lol) The HQ looked particularly awesome last year. Gutted I can’t make it

Posted : 25/07/2019 6:52 pm