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Allied Order of Battle for St Lo.

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We will be running two squads. One of GIR and one of PIR. Sometimes the two squads will work closely together, sometimes they will not. The PIR may also in some missions provide support with the .30cal.

1IC: Richard Heath (Yith) CPT
2IC: Nigel Cheetham (scaleyback) 1LT
Medic: Carly Marston (Carly)

GIR Squad:
Squad Leader : Craig Armistead (Wladek) - SSG
Rifleman: Dean Armistead (Lipton) - SGT
Rifleman: Marsha Lorde (marsha)
Rifleman: William Stone (Devonshire Trooper)
Rifleman: Jeremy Blume (warwolf)
BAR Gunner : Pete Grice (Pete_59)
BAR Assistant/Ammo Carrier: David Mindham (horus)

PIR Squad:
Squad Leader: Ranjit Philora (CHThree) - SSG
Rifleman: Craig Paul (System-M-) - SGT
Rifleman: Guy Siddle (Seidler)
Rifleman: Steve Ashworth (SgtAsh)
.30cal/BAR Gunner: Matt Webb (Webby) - SGT
.30cal/BAR Assistant/Ammo Carrier: Alex Berry (Tyreal)

All those marked without rank can have any rank below SGT if they want, though I'd prefer them to be Privates or Privates First Class.

Riflemen and BAR assistants should ideally be armed with M1 Garand Rifles, but if those are not available another SMG or rifle is acceptable.

Key (proper US abbreviations):
CPT: Captain
1LT: 1st Lieutenant
SSG: Staff Sergeant
SGT: Sergeant

Posted : 05/06/2009 11:50 am