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Kit Lending Borrowing

Hänschen klein
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As at most games this forum being a very sociable bunch people will often lend kit on a bend it and Mend it process. If you need or have kit to offer for this event please post up and make contact. DO NOT be afraid to ask most people have loads of spare kit that they will lend.

We try an encourage people to attend events and not having the correct kit should not stand in the way of attending.

Topic starter Posted : 28/08/2013 5:14 pm

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Hi - I am interested in attending this event from Ireland, I will try to scrape together a Russian kit but will not have a firearm and couldn't bring one on the airplane at any rate. Could someone lend me something appropriate? I'm not particular about what, just something authentic to shoot :)

Posted : 04/09/2013 5:53 pm

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Hello, yes I can lend you an MP40. :good:

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Posted : 04/09/2013 10:26 pm

major malfunction
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Hi hoping to come along but only have as jacket or peadot camo could anyone lend me some Grey's waist is 36-38 44ins chest cheers

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Posted : 24/09/2013 3:54 pm