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[Sticky] The battle for Colli - August 19th 2017

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November 29th, 1943

Units of the 34th Infantry, having just relieved the 504th para in the town of Colli come under constant small counter attack by German forces, a small Unit of British soldiers waiting to be taken off the line also is based in the town.

The weather is cold and rainy, and with all the mud supplies have to be brought in by mule and are getting low, The Germans still have forces on many of the surrounding Hills and are dug in, they are sending raiding forces to disrupt the town and try to find supplies for themselves...

A very last minute game due to another game I was running had to be pulled, and the players that were booked on suggested we have a ww2 game and not a day off lol.

The Game is at Fireball in Birmingham

will be run using our Mission system and will have 3 squads per side

£25 per player paid in full see the booking page for more details

Sorry this is all very last minute caught me out

If you like working as a squad and limited ammo then this is the game for you if you like hosing shit and lone wolfing then it's not and will just end up with our banned list increasing :(

Many thanks


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