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It seems that the whole of the UK will most likely be Tier 4 in Jan and though some of us only tier 3 currently and could come as it stands lots will be tier 4 and cannot travel…

So I will have to change the date of this game once more :(

Having spent a lot of pyro and the supply boxes which would have then the biggest yet I am in no position to offer refunds, and to make matters worse Chances are most of the supply box items will have to be re-bought due to dates :(

As most know I run these games off my own back on my own, I am not a business, and I except as a rule I tend to lose cash but 2020 has just been pants and I had hoped the start of 2021 would be fine, but it is becoming clear this is not the case, and even before we hit 2021 I can foresee a pile-up of planned games…

I cant give you a new date yet as the site we use is shut down till the New Year, and hopefully, by that time we may get an indication on where we are heading in the lockdown world we live in now…

Now of course if you cant make the new date, I will do everything in my power to do a refund, but let us cross that bridge when I can sort a new Date.

I hope what ever tier you are in you can have some sort of Happy Christmas and let's hope 2021 can only get better (at some point)

stay strong and stay on the good list!