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New Date JAN 16th 2021 back up plan is initiated

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As it says, the backup plan is now in full effect,

so the new date Lockdowns permitted etc is Saturday, Jan 16th

IF you can't make the new date then I will refund your spot and open it up, but this may not be asap as having bought a shed load of sweets for the supplies and pyros etc I am a tad broke, so please only do this if you must :)

Those that can make it now have spots secured for my Jan game that normally is a sellout, so thanks for staying :)

all supplies have been moved to a safe location so I don't nom nom them all :)

Will try to get some snow again, which may happen as I will be US, never snows when I am german :(

photos from the last Jan game if nothing else gave me my fave squad photo of all time...

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