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Need to be ready for 9am for brief's

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As it says we are looking to get the safety brief done at 9 if all goes well followed by a game brief, so we can get to bases to get the game running on time.

So please ensure you are on site early :) don't be that guy ...

also for the early birds will need a few things taken to a few locations to make sure we run on time, very few props for me, but still some :)

also, please if there early save me and Martin a spot somewhere central at the front so we can unload everything faster :) hope to be on site at 8 am :)

9 am ish safety brief
9.15 game brief
9.30 move out to hqs

play till 3.45/4 where meet up at your base and then the USA will attack the main Japanese base at 4.15pm after final scrap debrief and home at 5pm :)

Topic starter Posted : 07/06/2019 3:48 pm