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[Sticky] The Conclusion, Missing Items and next year ....

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Ok as I am on a drug-free day today having put out my back big style day after the game picking up a cat bowel out of the dishwasher

I thought best go through the mission reports and see the scores on the doors

So after careful totting up The Japanese side slightly edged it, not much in it as per normal after deducting the 2 banzai charges it was just down to roughly 2 missions difference , but by the reports that I could read there were some good ambushes by both sides, lots of pyros used and many sweets recovered (even though 2 squads did not retrieve their main supply boxes)

Looking back from start to finish was a great day for kit levels and gameplay, and though with only 15 vs 17 I was worried about contact levels, but for the squad I was part of it was quite high

and was not all about numbers the smallest squad on either side completed I think the most missions or at least joint so big to Martin, Lutz , Steven and Sheri, with special mention to Lutz for his performance as a wounded soldier, really had us worried

So a Final BANZAI to you all for making the day go so well :) ...

now just a few things of admin

2 folks still owe me the £15 they said they would send the day after ... please pay me I am broke lol

Missing Items --- Does anyone have these or where they left at Eversley

USA CP bag (demo bag with a flag in it)
Huge red cross flag (was near cortina ish)
USA Officers Map Case (was in the hut near the wall)

(JOSH if you read this lol these may turn up lol)

So Next time...
Well, good news for the Americans after fierce fighting on the 3rd and final day on the Island Japanese forces were being overrun. For the next several days the 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines moved up through the remaining islands in the atoll and cleared the area of Japanese, completing this on November 28. The 2nd Marine Division started shipping out soon after and were completely withdrawn by early 1944.

Japanese prisoners of war
Of the 3,636 Japanese in the garrison, only one officer and sixteen enlisted men surrendered. Of the 1,200 Korean labourers brought to Tarawa to construct the defences, only 129 survived. All told, 4,690 of the island's defenders were killed.[32] The 2nd Marine Division suffered 894 killed in action, 48 officers and 846 enlisted men, while an additional 84 of the wounded survivors later succumbed to what proved to be fatal wounds. Of these, 8 were officers and 76 were enlisted men. A further 2,188 men were wounded in the battle, 102 officers and 2,086 men. Of the roughly 12,000 2nd Marine Division Marines on Tarawa, 3,166 officers and men became casualties. Nearly all of these casualties were suffered in the 76 hours between the landing at 0910 November 20 and the island of Betio being declared secure at 1330 November 23

So next year will be... The Battle of Cape Gloucester at a site to be announced soonish (I hope lol)

But the Japanese Players you have Burma still to come this year, and USA Infantry and some Brits have Italy In January as normal ...


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Flag sent with David Cowdrill. The bag is in my Container, not looked in it but its a US bag. Map case is in lost property box.


Heer Schmidt

Posted : 02/07/2019 8:44 am
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Coolio :)

Many thanks you star :)

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