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[Sticky] Pacific Campaign - Operation Watchtower - The Battle of Tulagi

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and so our Pacific Campaign - Operation Watchtower gets off to a early start

with the battle of Tulagi, set August 9th 1942

The marines after little resistance on day 1 August the 8th and have established a beach head on Tulagi and manged to get some supplies onto the island before naval forces pulled back, for the time being The marines have limited supplies and no further reinforcements, and to make matters worse now no naval or air cover, but inteligence still reports that the japanese defence force is small and untrained and should not provide much resistance ...

The Japanese know the American force is a lot larger than theirs but believe they will be reinforced soon and must try to hold out till then , and will do anything to try and slow the American advance , and will make them pay for every inch of ground they take , they have sent out small raiding parties to harrass the marines and slow them down with mines, booby traps and small attacks . Banzai...

The Marines now know they are cut off here with both American fleets having pulled right back , supplies and reinforcements are not due again for days if not longer, but they know they have a larger and better trained force (well they think they do) , having now established a beach head they intend to move out and slowly take the island , until they advance all the way to the Japanese Base.... OORAH!

will be a small game with 3 small squads using our mission system with a few tweakes here and there:)

The battle is Japanese forces Vs Usa Marines Raiders

This game will be out in the field all day , eat as we go etc :) so pack your lunch , we will have hqs up to leave a bag for lunch ammo etc

Smaller ammo limits compared to normal and hope to see more rifles in play , there are no support weapons unless issued for a mission :)

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the map for the day-- attachment is not available --

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