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Joseph Porta
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Rules For The Führer's Escape - 8th/9th December 2012

1. Weapons

Any WW2 era Airsoft weapon is allowed. Players can choose the weapon they prefer, SMG, LMG, Rifle, Pistol or SOFT Close combat LARP weapons

The ammunition load is 300 bb`s Per life. (This can be in a high cap or low caps, BUT IT MUST BE NO MORE THAN 300 PER LIFE)
Support weapons (Mg42, MG34, Bren, .30 cal, ) must be fired from a deployed position, no firing from the hip, or on the move.
Support weapons have 1200 bb`s per life.

After a lot of feedback on a previous CQB game, (chateau) ive decided to lower the ammo limit per life to 300 rounds (this can be carried however you want, a high cap, or several low caps)

for practical reasons (the battlefield will be fluid and moving around) , players must carry ammo, food and water to last the day, on their person

BUT YOU MUST ONLY USE 300 rds PER LIFE. (Support weapons 1200)

IF you run out of ammo before dying, you may only get some more by going back to a regen area.
or by taking ONE box of "30 rounds" from your commander, who will have a small supply of EMERGENCY AMMO (.20 blaster) in an ammo tin, boxed in 30 round packets, and when this box is empty, its gone, so commanders will be loathe to authorize its issue for no good reason.

also it places a real need to protect your support weapons. if your gunner dies you loose a LOT of firepower, and wont be able to hold positions for long.
300 rds will not last long in a firefight.

The FPS limit for all weapons is 350 FPS with a .20g BB. (This is due to the close urban nature of the site.)
Those with rifles using gas (Tanaka rifles) would be under the 350 limit is used with HFC 134A gas ONLY. (red gas, ultra and green are out)

Short bursts are fine, please don't give someone a 20 round burst, 5 or 6 rounds will do.

If you sneak up on an opponent, Shoot them with 1 round only. A nice way is to melee kill you opponent by touching them with a open hand softley, or with a SOFT larp type weapon (rubber knife, bayonet or axe)

2. Stealth Kills

If you get the chance for a stealth kill, (the enemy is alone and doesn't see you until you touch them with an open hand or SOFT weapon) then whisper "STEALTH KILL" the enemy should then lie down quietly, and do nothing to alert their team. do not regen or move until the stealth killers are clear. (They were good enough to get you! Give them the chance to continue and get clear before regening)

The idea is to tap them, not knock them out!

Here is a short clip showing first how NOT to do it, then how to do it

The first stealth kill is done wrongly, using a HARD object (a cast iron frying pan) and a full power blow. This is wrong and you would be committing an assault.

The second stealth kill immediately afterwards is done correctly, using a SOFT object ( a foam sausage) and just skimming the victim, a "soft" touch. This is what I want

3. Bandages/Medic

Any player can apply a bandage to another wounded player.
Melee Kills, kill instantly and do not count as wounds
BB fire on the first instance is a wound, then bandage. A second hit you are killed and must regen att your base.

When hit, FALL TO THE FLOOR, and SHOUT "HIT" "ARRGH" "MEDIC" Let the person know they hit you, then they wont shoot again.
So many times over the years ive seen players just walk off, pissed at being shot, but because the shooter doesn't see a signal of a hit, they shoot again. PLEASE show that your hit, it saves so much trouble.

I prefer the lie down on your back rule as it shows your hit clearly. lying down on your back with hands in the air is a very clear sign your not shooting back! (keep arms over your face if you fall in a hot firefight), OR raise your hands and run out of the line of fire shouting " HIT HIT HIT" as loud as you can, then lie down in a safe place.
Once the shooting dies down, then regen at base as normal

4. Pyro................ Pyro is being discussed with the site owners at present.
BFGs are allowed up to 9mm, but under arm only. (and its very dark so they would get lost easily)
Pyro will be supplied by first and only on the day. or you can bring you own TLSFX pyro
MK5s, Ball Grenades and Stick Grenades only.
NO THERMOBARICS. The use of Thermobarics has been discontinued in the tunnels, due to excessive smoke.

5: You have to be over 16 with an adult, or 18 on your own.

6: ENJOY YOURSELF. get in to the mindset of the ww2 filmsim event. There is no such thing as Overacting. Just have FUN and be safe. Dont do to others what you wouldnt like done to yourself.

7: Don't be a Bell End! This rule covers everything. Before you do anything, think to yourself,"Would this be seen as a thing a BELL END would do?" if it is, then you shouldnt be doing it.

Which means, effectively, respect your fellow players and organisers, be considerate of their experience as well as yours and use your common sense.

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Joseph Porta
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There will be 5 Regen Points in the tunnel system. REGEN POINTS MUST NOT BE MOVED!

Each Regen point will have 3 flags, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 White.

All the flags will be RED at game start,

A RED flag is a GERMAN REGEN. - Germans can spawn here as long as the flag is NOT under fire

A WHITE flag is a NEUTRAL REGEN - No one can spawn here - the flag is between owners and needs five men and 1 minuite to be captured

A BLUE flag is an AMERICAN REGEN - Americans can spawn here as long as the flag is NOT under fire

When a Player comes across an ENEMY regen, They IMMEDIATELY switch the flag to WHITE. ( IT ONLY NEEDS 1 MAN TO DO THIS )

The flag can only be changed to a friendly colour when 5 soldiers in an unwounded state are within 9 feet / 3 metres of the flag for 1 minute.

Therefore a lone soldier can shut down a REGEN , but it takes a squad of five to capture it and make it Usable.

These rules work very well for area capture.
Heres a photo from a game i tried on my site on Sunday, with the same REGEN rule, the player has just changed the flag from RED to WHITE, his team-mates then move up to assist with the change to BLUE

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Joseph Porta
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Each soldier has 300 rounds of usable ammo. (you can carry 15,000 loaded in mags if you want, but you can only use the allowance of 300 between resupplys)

soldiers can ONLY RESUPPLY FROM AMMO CRATES. There will be 1 ammo crate at each HQ (out of bounds to opposing sides, so players will always have ammo available)

Each Squad leader will also have an ammo crate.

When a player "Dies" they do not get a new ammo allowance, the players can only get fresh ammo by going to the HQ or seeking out the squad leader, or getting in a friendly vehicle, Where upon they can resupply.

EG , Joseph porta has an mp40 and 300 rounds,
i shoot 3 mags of 50 of then die.
i go to the regen and come back in, ive still only got 150 rounds left.
I die again after fireing 25 rounds, i regen, ive only got 125 rounds left.
I see the Halftrack/squad leader close by,
i hop in and reload my mags
im back at 300 rounds again

Squad leaders will have an ammo can/crate to simulate the ammo

Squad leaders can move up and resupply troops, its a mobile ammo resupply.

(if you see a friendly Vehicle ask to get in and reload , then get out again and continue)

SUPPORT WEAPONS carry 1500 rounds, any friendly soldier can empty his ammo (up to 300 rds into a support gunners weapon)

This system will be self policing, please use it, and honour the spirit of the game.

A player can sneak around and go it alone if the situation needs it but ammo will be tight.
In large battles Squad leaders and vehicles will have to assist the infantry with resupply.

a player can fire ammo all day long, if they stay in the vehicle, but men on foot will have limited ammo (close to real steel maximum load) 10 mags of 30 rounds weighs a lot, trust me, as does 5 boxes of mg ammo.

So to recap, you only get fresh ammo allowance and top up your 300 rounds when you ,

1. go to your Squad leader
2. go to the HQ
3. go to a friendly vehicle


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Can I just add to the Stealth Kill section...

As I'm sure Tiny will remember.

It is pitch black in the tunnels, if someone is Stealthy enough to get within 4 feet of you and holds an SMG pointed at you, and tells you to 'put your hands up' to save shooting you point don't light them up and take all the skin off their hands.

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Posted : 09/11/2012 10:51 pm
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Dont forget torches people, ( period looking no maglites etc ) be dark down there ;-)


Posted : 26/11/2012 3:10 pm
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Ninjas don't need flashlights...

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Posted : 26/11/2012 4:33 pm
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Start eating your carrots

Posted : 26/11/2012 4:49 pm
Joseph Porta
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even in the darkest tunnels, after 20 mins of no light, your eyes start to make out the shapes, the ambient light from tunnels 1 and 2 seeps into tunnels 3 and 4 , but you only notice it if you dont use a torch for 20 mins

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Yeah and another thing, ensure you have a sling on your weapon as 2 hands are better than 1 when your feeling your way along the tunnel walls, especially after you find yourself standing along side an enemy soldier in THEIR HQ, knife killing him then firing into the darkness and then running into the wall

Posted : 26/11/2012 9:07 pm
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Rules all read and understood.

Posted : 02/12/2012 10:58 pm