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Dadio you are epic.........

could you make me a lewis gun....... and a lanchester SMG....... anna delise for the weekend tooooo pleasseeeee.

have to say with the tracer/silencer added the mp40 looks very cold war secret service/bond.

whoop i get to imagine myself as a SPECTRE agent at open days....... hummm whats the kit look like.

1960s dark suit ?


armoury. Sten lanchesteralike thompson m1a1 thompson 1928 Garand (m14 S&S) 1911 Browning HP Tanaka M10 stg 44 mp40 x 2 tanaka k98 MG42 (AK IN PLASTIC BODY) MG34 (ak in plastic body as well) Luger broom handle latex bayonet latex E-tool

Posted : 05/12/2012 3:17 am
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any chance of another 2 ?

sorry to be a pain?

2 more made ,will have to test tonight as im a bit packed up at the moment.

m1a1 Thompson,sten mk2,mp40,stg44,sterling,mk2 bren gun,lee Enfield no4 mk1,Mauser Kar98, Walther ppk,smith and Weston m10 and Mauser m712
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Posted : 08/12/2012 9:39 am
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