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D-Day Italian Campaign - The last bullet

It’s 16th October 1944 and the Allied Armies are short of artillery and ammunition across the front and time is running out. If a result isn’t achieved soon, the allied war effort in Italy will peter out and a hard winter will follow. Kesselring has placed some of his best divisions, the 29th and 90th Panzer grenadier and 1st Parachute Divisions in the way of the US 5th Army. Our story takes us to a short fix supply LZ which has been hastily set up by a regiment of the British XIII core only a few miles for the front. Desperately needed supplies should be on imminent and units of the US 5th Army are getting a quick respite. The supplies will help the British 8th Army hold and continue their progress along route 9 so this supply LZ has been given a priority.

Unknown to the Allied Command, 2 small but well armed German units from the 90th Panzer grenadier and 1st Parachute Divisions have found a route through the lines through the mountains passes and have located the LZ and plan to cut short even further the Allied Supplies.

This battle is fictitious but could very easily happened, especially with the continued issues both sides had with the lines changing and moving unequally and the terrain being so difficult to move around.

Please remember that this battle is one small part of a larger operation, the actual supply station is over a mile long and this section of German units are dealing with 1 of 3 temporary air fields.

Allied intelligence has given warning that German units may be operating in the area and observation units have been posted around the supply LZ. Also, all the left of supplies must be guarded at all times from possible destruction.

Allied Objectives
• Protect the LZ at all costs
• Gain Intelligence by capturing soldiers
• Ammo crates, medical supplies and food crates must be protected at all times
• Destroy any German supplies and field equipment found.

The German recce units have arrived and set up a number of Observation posts and can now see the supply runway and the allied troops garrisoned there. They first need to assess the run way and recce key objectives and all secondary objectives before they can commence on their main operation to knock out this allied supply point.

German Objectives (P-Primary, S-Secondary)
• P Recce all key and secondary targets
• S Set up an AA gun to hit any allied supply craft attempting to land at X
• S Set up 2 Mortar positions to pound off map barrack buildings and hinder re-enforcement.
• P Locate and obtain needed explosives
• P Destroy the runway at 3 key locations
• S Destroy Allied Stores building
End Ex will be no later than 5pm. If all the German primary objectives aren’t completed then this section of the battle has failed, however, the completion of the secondaries will help with an overall success on the operation as a whole. In short, the outcome of this section is key.
Good luck Men, To the last bullet!

Heer Schmidt

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COOOOL! Bring it on ya doirty kraut swines! :happydance: :happyclap: :happydance: :happyclap: :happyswing:

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COOOOL! Bring it on ya doirty kraut swines! :happydance: :happyclap: :happydance: :happyclap: :happyswing:

them theres fighting words johnny boy :ghey-fight: bring it on!!! :giggle:

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