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Badges and insignia of the 10th Dragoons

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I shall reiterate that this event does not require you to wear badged battledress, however some people may wish to. The Polish 10th Dragoons battledress would have the following badges

Sleeve Insignia
Poland Titles at the top of either arm, the Polish 1st Armoured patch below this on the left arm and the 10th Dragoons regimental Cross of St Andrew below this on the right arm.

Collar Insignia
Arm of service markings for the Polish army in Exile were different from their British counterparts, retaining the Polish insignia for such. This was displayed on the collar. As a dragoon regiment their arm of service marking was a cloth cavalry pennant on each collar in the regimental colours - in this case red over orange.

A further unit peculiarity of the 1st armoured was to have their left epaulette replaced with a black one - The best way to do this - if you so wish - is to sew black felt covering the epaulette.

Helmets worn by the Polish army in exile often displayed the Polish Eagle on them. In NW Europe this was painted on in Yellow paint - as you have all seen in A Brisge too Far and in The Eagle Has Landed. There are companies that make simple transfers that can be applied to helmets in the correct shape and size that can be found on ebay.

The sleeve insignia is all readily available from here -

The arm of service pennants are not available to buy so simply, and must be made from the correct coloured felt and attached. It was not uncommon for Polish regiments to forego the arm of service markings on their field uniforms - saving them for tailored best. A good pic' of some reenactors showing these badges and unit variations is this one -

I will stress again, so as not to confuse people, that this information is here for those that might wish to make use of it, as the main thread states ANY un-badged battledress, Denims or shirt sleeves is perfectly acceptable to attend this game.

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