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Part 1 recap...

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All the info from the last game is over viewforum.php?f=318

As the Japanese Major looked out across the upper Firebu Village it seemed like any other, the recent bad weather had broken and the sun was shining today he thought it was going to be a good day, once they got supplies, things were would be going well, but the ammunition shortage was a worry, but then he thought out here far away from any of the action it was not the biggest concern, getting close to the front line so he and his men could serve the Emperor, just as he thought that a loud explosion outside of the village went off and shooting from quite a few areas around the village? An attack? here? who would be so foolish, he turned to his captain and gave the order to sound the attack bell, whoever it was would soon regret attacking his Emperors finest.

Though short in numbers due to illness the British troops that made the march attached up and down the Japanese outer lines in small fast units, it was not long till the small Japanese defensive line fell, early blood to the attackers, but as soon as the Japanese Reinforcements arrived, the British forces had pulled back from where they came from. Japanese patrols were sent out to find and hunt them down, and small battles raged all around the region, the Japanese supply convoy was hit, with both sides managing to recover half of the supplies. The Japanese Light tanks were blown up before they became fully operational... and both sides fought hard with limited ammo and resources, some Japanese squads only having swords and hand weapons to fight with.

British officers got more than one report of small Japanese squads appearing out of nowhere charging at them with hand weapons only to mixed results, even British soldiers shooting there own in a panic on the onrushing mad men..

The Japanese Major sent out a patrol to recover the contents of a broken down vehicle and his favourite pigeon which was onboard, only to find it had been blown up by the enemy forces, just a pile of singed feathers remained... This report enranged the Major and gave the orders to win by any cost, which from reports his soldiers were doing even grenading their own troops to beat back the British advance...

The British seemed to be coming from multiple locations and things were looking up before sickness seemed to set in for nearly all the squads, forcing them to make last-ditch sneaky missions to steal Japanese medicine to treat the ill

By the end of the day, both forces had won battles and lost battles...

The Japanese had a small edge on the day but it was not enough to stop the Japanese Major for sending reports of large attacks in the area and requesting reinforcements and a new pigeon

So the score win goes to the Japanese, the missing high point long range patrols may have swung it the other way, but the British forces kept it close enough that they still managed to achieve their main intentions and to pull reinforcements into the area, they now just have to hope it was enough to make the loss of life worthwhile...

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rumour has it there may be some new pigeons ;)-- attachment is not available --

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