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[Sticky] R2R Objectives and Battle Map

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D-Day – The Road to Rome

Objective list.

German attack 1000hrs Saturday 8th Oct 1944.
There are 4 main CPs for the Germans to take (L9, M7, N6, O5), then a 5th one (O9). When all 5 have been taken, the German forces Can move on the motor pool and supply depot at STAR1HQ (Q8). They must then set charges and blow the supplies and vehicles. HQ for Allied forces will then become STAR2 at U6).

The Germans have 2 HQs, (I8 and L3)

Sunday’s scenario will lead on from the completed tasks of Saturday.

The Germans have Nebelwerfer rocket batteries that can be used to drop rockets on target squares and force allied forces to withdraw. They have a 4 2 square diagonal or 3 square straight range. However, the Nebel are very exposed and can be destroyed by Allied Engineers. This will knock the artillery piece out for a total of 30 mins. Also they can only fire a battery of rounds every 20 mins.

Also the Allied units have 3 81mm Mortars that are hitting OFF map German positions that need to be destroys by German Engineers.

This should leave us nothing short of an action packed weekend of WW2 battling. Role on the weekend and the ‘Road to Rome’.-- attachment is not available --

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