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[Sticky] Facilities, camping etc

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The camp won't form any part of the scenario so plastic tents are OK, although a period looking camp looks fab and gets you into the zone. (In contrast, our to-be-announced July game will be period looking tentage, as that will be in-game.)

Players are welcome to set up camp from 6pm Friday night.

This isn't an airsoft site, its a farm and farmland in a rural location so there won't be toilet facilities so for No2s you can use the local pub or dig a hole. There is a potable water supply in the farmyard that come from their own bore hole via filtration and UV cleaning plant, so you can fill your water bottles from there. No need to bring your own water supply unless you prefer to pay upwards of £1 for a litre of plastic-tainted water that came out of someone's tap in Malvern (or worse, travelled hundreds of miles from France).

There are no BB's or pyro for sale, no gun hire, no food provided.

You must carry sufficient food and water to sustain yourself in-game for eight hours. There is NO need to cook full meals in-game - if you have a proper breakfast and a bite to eat just before game-on they all you will need is energy/comfort food as you can cook something more substantial after the game has ended.

You will NOT be returning to cars or tents once the game has started unless it it absolutely necessary but do NOT carry a selection of guns into the game 'just in case'. Bring your first choice gun into game along with a spare battery/gas. If things go tits up and a gun breaks then ask permission of your commander to leave your post - it may well be perfectly possible to continue with just a side arm or nothing at all.

Please do NOT carry your bits and bobs into the game in plastic carrier bags - keep it reasonably authentic please, canvas/leather satchels/haversacks/packs look a 1,000 times better, even if not 100% pukka.

The pub (nearby by car) at Three Cocks :giggle: serves reasonably priced, good pub food, for those who don't want to cook for themselves Friday/Saturday night.

Topic starter Posted : 02/12/2010 9:46 am