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[Sticky] Arrival and game times

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Players can arrive on site from 6pm on Friday 1st April when cars can be parked an tents pitched and are welcome to a mini social Friday night.

Otherwise players can arrive on site by 10.30am on Saturday morning in order to give then time to pitch a tent, get dressed and bombed up.

Tents may be modern, there is no requirement for period looking canvas tents for this event.

Game on will be 12noon sharp but the German forces will move out to their position at 11.30. Given the nature of this game it will be impossible to deal with latecomers - Germans in particular will be moving elsewhere en-mass and it will not be possible to 'catch-up'.

Please, please, make sure you arrive on site in a timely manner so as not to disrupt the start of the game. If you are at all unsure you can get up early enough on Saturday to arrive by 10.30am then take advantage to the Friday night stopover.

The game will run from 12noon to 8pm without a break. No meals in-game please, no need for them - eat before you start and when the game has ended. You can of course, if you wish, carry the usual snacks, sugary sweets etc as comforters for the eight hours of gaming. If you have the carrying capacity then by all means bring portable brew-up kit, should commanders give you time off for a brew.

There will be no returning to cars once game-on is called, so you must be self-sufficient for eight hours. If a gun goes down (or similar eventuality) then seek permission from your commander to return to the car for a replacement. Do NOT carry a selection of weapons into the game with you, one only. Even if a weapon is down you will still be of use to your team in some capacity or other!

No nylon gunbags and plastic carrier bags etc to be taken into the game - lets try to maintain a period look and feel to this event!

Game will finish at 8pm when darkness sets in and players will return to camp to brew up/cook meals. Social will continue as long as players wish and you may have a lie in on Sunday morning (although we clearly would like to clear the site as soon as we can).

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