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US Forces training day Feb 10th Phoenix woodland

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Hi all

Now its just a week and a half away figured its time for a slight revive and summary thread.

Training day is at phoenix woodland site on sunday feb the 10th. For directions check phoenixs site or see the previous thread.

Begins at 9:30am on the sunday or if you want to stay over night we can get on site later saturday evening. We are sleeping in a building with toilets etc so no need for tents and shovels.

First hour will be a range session to try various guns and generally have a little shoot. From then on will be proper training with a little attack/defend scenario at the end. Once the range finishes at 10:30am we'll have two 1 hr sessions followed by 1 hr for lunch then two further 1 hr sessions. At the end we'll be defending a position as the SS attack us.

Stubble is kindly bringing along 2 para's who are going to help train us also covering the following items.
Patrols and anti ambush drills
Squad movement
Ambush tecniques
Section in defence

Cost is £20. Stubble is trying to organise a big pyro show for the final attack/defend game so there could be a small charge of a few more quid for this. If anyones not happy with that please say so now so we can let him know.

Phoenix have a shop selling stuff on site so please bear it in mind for supplies. Pricing can be found on the previous thread too.

Heres the current list of people attending. please ask around and see if you have more friends who'd like to come. This is open to all US players not just doughboys.


Sgt Chris(pending lift)

Ash Howman

Any questions please let me know. Heres the link to the previous thread.


Topic starter Posted : 29/01/2008 7:45 pm
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Sounds great Rhys. I know you, Chris and Dave have been putting some thought into this, so thanks.

Come on peeps, this is a great opportunity to create a more cohesive force and get a little bit of camaraderie going!!

Sign up now!!

Posted : 29/01/2008 7:56 pm
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Just a quick follow up here, the final exercise should be a raker, you'll get to practice everything you've learned. You'll be sending out 4 man recce patrols, which may or may not get ambushed, you'll have to negotiate your way through your own defensive minefields and back again. You'll set up a couple of your own ambushes once the SS start to advance, and you'll have to deal with the SS recce patrols and try and stop them getting through. You'll throw in a couple of sniper hides to try and delay them before falling back to your defensive positions, which consists of a prepared trench network. Once you get there, there will be a top pyro display in the form of a mortar and smoke barrage which we'll make as realistic as possible, so get your heads down for that, then your in for a full scale attack by the Waffen SS. You're in for a top days' airsofting.

Posted : 30/01/2008 7:53 am
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may not be able to make this, Tonka is out too, but will try and sort something out!

Doc Mac

Posted : 05/02/2008 9:01 pm