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Medic's Equipment

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Apologies if this is in the wrong place or been asked a thousand times, and while isn't really airsoft specific i like to do sani at games and have the correct stuff even if it's not seen/used, and this is possibly the friendliest forum i've found and the knowledge here is second to none so i hope you can forgive a well intentioned, vague post...

I'm currently in the process of putting together a german FJ sani impression and want to add a few american items to simulate being in the field a while and having used up some/most of my issued stuff has had to resort to scouring some to make up my supplies...

however i have no knowledge on the matter and would like some help what would the standard american infantrymen carry in terms of personal first aid? i'd like to add some of those morphine (pipettes)? maybe some iodine swabs and bandages - german medical equipment is either rare or expensive in the real world so i'd also like to add some "captured" american tweezers/scissors etc how would these of been carried by a US medic, am i right in thinking a canvas roll or similar? the idea being my unit has captured a few POW's and a medic and we have relieved them of all nice useful things and have passed any useful medical items to me, don't get me wrong 90% of my medical equipment will still be German but a few american items would add to it i feel.

now maybe the most important part, are there any suppliers who sell decent repo stuff that i could use?
Apologies again


Topic starter Posted : 29/02/2016 4:01 pm