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Enfield No.4 project

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I'm working on my own VSR based No.4. It's not going to be property 'to spec' and there will be some allowances. But it will be mine.

I'm lucky to have the help of my father, a joiner of 60 years. We are using beach for the stock, as many original parts for the metalwork as possible, a BAR 10 for the base gun and a few internal and external mods to bring the gun up to par.


Here's our progress so far.


IMG 1345
IMG 1381
IMG 1309
IMG 1311
IMG 1310
IMG 1430
IMG 1435
IMG 1456
Topic starter Posted : 10/07/2021 6:11 pm
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Made a Enfield(ish) bolt handle from an Action Army bolt handle and a 20mm draw pull from Ikea.


IMG 1538
IMG 1540
Topic starter Posted : 29/07/2021 7:51 pm