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G&G K98/980

Hirate Sakimori
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Hi my friend is trying to sell me a G&G k98

He lives quite a way away and before I make the trip down I just want to know if the rifle is any good?

Does anyone here own one and what do they have top say on it.

Online search results seem to show it is a very powerful and solid built CO2 powered rifle. Early versions apparently had pot metal parts that wore out but apparently newer models are steel and better.

Is it a good performer as a sniper rifle, I might travel to Scotland for a little game with friends on their farm which has some derelict old out-buildings, and broken down stables/barns etc.

Also in terms of re-enactment use can it take a bayonet and how close is it to the original K98? Someone said it might be not as historically accurate with wrong front sight shape and no scope mounts. However by the look of it online it does seem to have a scope rail as standard.

Also can you still get magazine clips? Instead of buying complete magazines. I also understand that there are usually two magazines sold with the gun one at 500fps (A bit high me thinks) and another at 300fps which I think might be better for skirmishing.

As always thanks in advance

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It was only very early production that had the pot metal part , later ones have no reliability issues .
The only 2 things to consider are finish and consistency , the finish is a colored lacquer that chips off leaving very blonde wood underneath ,its not a stained oiled finish as it should be ,the other thing is power and consistency ,even the lower power magazines tend to be more 380 fps than 350 fps , this means you still need a min engagement distance , the shot to shot power consistency can be less than great as well this will lead to constant hop adjustment .
If the price is good then I would not let these issues put you off as the woodwork is good wood and can be re finished to look stunning if you put the time in and with some tinkering the power and consistency can be sorted as well , if the price is higher I'd consider the PPS Kar98k as the standard finish is better and the power is fully adjustable ,it also has a vsr compatible hop so there are a host of upgrade barrels and hop rubbers to choose from off the shelf .

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Posted : 13/02/2015 4:34 pm

Hirate Sakimori
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Awesome thank you so much for your reply :)

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