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Marushin M2 Carbine Full Auto

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Alright all,

I acquired a Marushin M2 the other day off of a good friend and it's the better part of 10 plus years old as most of them are. It worked beautifully on semi - when the temperatures of using green, red and black gas all played ball in the north east of Scotland - but no matter what, if I switched the fire selector to semi or full it would only fire on full. The previous owner told me that it had never worked on full since he bought it brand new, and that he just assumed it never worked.

On taking it apart I found the tiniest of tiny screws on the fire selector plate that allowed for full auto, this screw had kept the mechanism held in place and turned the fire selector to be completely useless other than to move it back and forth for your own enjoyment.

My question is has anyone else found this on other Marushin M2's that they've seen? Was this maybe a UK import thing ten(ish) years ago?

The impossibility of trying to find a whole host of information on them in 2020 means I've not found really anything about them at all - I could only find one disassembly video in poor quality, and a forum post with a link that required you to make an account to download the guide it allegedly came with. I resorted to finding a field strip of a real steel M2 and just following it as generally as I could as usually for GBBR's like this, there's normally a very similar process to take down.

Topic starter Posted : 07/12/2020 8:23 pm