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Patton Stalled – 15th April 2012

The 2012 Doughboys Game is to be held at MAW Airsoft, Melton Mowbray on 15th April. Following the rapid drive across France, rolling up the German defenders before them, General George S Patton's Third Army reaches Lorraine and...
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The Château: The Dirty Dozen – 3rd June 2012

The Château: The Dirty Dozen - An Oddball Event to be held at SWAT URBAN, Shotton, Deeside on Sunday 3rd June 2012. This is the second "Oddball" event to be held and combines elements of "The Dirty Dozen" and "Allo, Allo" whic...
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Sevastopol – 4th February 2012

Army Group South's replacement event for the ill fated Stalingrad has been announced and is to be held on the same date - 4th February 2012. "Sevastopol" is set in 1942 at the Soviet naval base of Sevastopol. UCAP's Sandpit sit...
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Fist of Dust

Fist of Dust – 17th December 2011

Gunman Airsoft's December weekender event takes us to Stalingrad, Dec 1924. Now booking for German and Russian places. The event is being held at the Ministry of Defence Piddington Training area just outside Bicester. More info...
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Stalingrad: City of Fire – 4th February 2012

After three months of slow, bloody advance the German 6th Army now controls 90% of the city of Stalingrad. In the northern factory district Red Army commanders hold on to isolated pockets of resistance as they face a major Germ...
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The Breakout – 19/20th November 2011

Gunman Airsoft's next weekender event in November takes us to Italy, May 1944. British, American, German forces are involved and it is being held at the Ministry of Defence Piddington Training area just outside Bicester. More i...
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The Volturno Affair – 15th October 2011

Comrades in Arms next one-day game in October takes us to Italy, October 1943. British, American, German, Italian and partisan forces are involved and it is being held at a woodland site near Kettering. More information here: <...
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Rhineland, the battle to end the war – 3rd September 2011

Our event sees a platoon of British infantry tasked with neutralizing the German defences surrounding the town and bridging their anti-tank ditch. To do this they will have to overcome minefields and a line of resistance that i...
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Anarchy under the Eagle

Anarchy under the Eagle – 21st August 2011

To be held at the Drakelow Tunnels beneath the Kingsford Country Park near the village of Kinver, Staffordshire, which cover 250,000 sq ft (23,000 m2). This event, organised by Oddball, will cost £40 including camping overnigh...
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