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Uniform question...?

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I think you will find Sam Brownes are the province of officer types.

You can wear a Webley holster with normal 37 pattern webbing, and no-one is making you wear a small pack, although personally I find you can never have enough load bearing equipment. Where are you going to put your spare water, sandwiches, woolly jumper, gloves and rain cape?


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Topic starter Posted : 06/01/2014 12:43 pm
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Topic moved as it is a specific British Uniform enquiry not a general one.

Chaplain (padre) and Medical Officer are different roles. The Padre one may have little relevance in airsoft as their tasks were the spritual welfare of the men, holding services, dealing with compassionate leave requests etc. In action they often took on tasks of casualty recording and recovery and burial of the dead. They had officer status and rank but are not officers and were not armed.

Stretcher Bearers, Medical orderlies and Medical officers all could carry small arms for defence of casualties. They would have web equipment but they carry mainly medical equipment in it. They actually carry more webbing than infantry troops as they carry their personal gear and medical packs.
For airsoft you can wear a rig like a Sam Browne but in P37 webbing with a holster and brace extender instead of one pouch. The other pouch can be for your banadages. You would not need to carry a bayonet or entrenching tool. I recommend having a small pack as it is useful for water,food, and spare ammo.
Sam Brownes were worn with Service Dress in WW2 and would not often have been seen in any of the major areas of combat. It should be cheaper to find the required webbing than the leather equipment as well.

Posted : 06/01/2014 1:21 pm
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^What he said. The Sam Browne is not really combat wear for anyone. British officers wore webbing like the enlisted men in combat zones. Many choosing to wear a set as close to the enlisted as possible so as not to stand out.
Denims were not usual wear for officers either, to see denims with a Sam Browne is unheard of. Enlisted mans work wear with parade webbing?
You don't really wear much insignia with denims either. Rank slip ons is about it. Remember, denims were designed as an 'overall' a suit to protect the wool bd or to replace it when working. It did see some combat use but it's far from usual and very unusual for officer ranks.

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Posted : 07/01/2014 9:14 am
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Ah yes... the joys of a fresh beginning. I started in a similar manner, My Lord. I got Denims first, love them, but don't use them often since my wool battledress is more common. Your best bet is to buy standard rifleman's kit and then add to it for your chosen profession.

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