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[Sticky] Objectives for Hells Highway

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Hells Highway Objectives (Saturday)

Allied forces must take control of the highway clearing the German blockade to allow the free movement of supplies north to Nijmegen. They must set up resupply points along the chosen route in order to maintain forward momentum and protect the convoys.
The German anti tank gun positions covering the road must be eliminated to allow armour to be brought up.
The German mortar positions shelling the road need to be destroyed to prevent further casualities and loss of equipment to enemy fire.
An airborne drop zone must be established for reinforcements and additional supplies to be brought in. This must be protected from German counterattacks to prevent it from being over run and the supplies captured.

Kampfgruppe Walther must prevent the allies from clearing a supply route to the North toward Nijmegen. The allies will try to establish supply positions along the road, these must be captured and the supplies either taken or destroyed.
The anti tank guns must be protect from allied attack. They must remain active toe to prevent the movement of allied armour.
The mortar positions must be protected and fire maintained to hamper allied movement.
Any allied drop zones located must be overrun to prevent the dropping of additional supplies. These postions are to be held against allied counter attacks.

Additional objectives will be added for Sunday if required and will depend upon the out come of Saturday.

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