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[Sticky] Eagles Over the Rhine - Basic info

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Damn bad luck in your drops being cancelled these last two days, however the weather has cleared enough to get you and your men over to Holland in the morning.
Now I know you were supposed to land just to the south of Arnhem Bridge, and re-enforce 1st Airborne who were to be holding it, but things have gone a little astray on the ground.
Instead you are to drop around a small town called Driel, and create a link on this bank of the Rhine opposite the positions held by the 1st Airborne. From here you will re-enforce their positions, providing fresh troops and supplies, enabling them to push forward secure the bridge before the arrival of XXX Corps.
We are reliably informed that 1st Airborne are in possession of the Heveadrop ferry, and a swift, lightly opposed crossing is expected.

To be held at Grange Farm Airsoft, Leicester
Camping available Friday Night

£30 per player

This a Rifles only event, and minimum player age is 18

Polish Parachute Brigade
Uniform is exactly the same and any British Airborne unit, except the beret is a Polish one, and not a maroon one.
For those without a Denison Smock battledress is perfectly acceptable either un-badged, or badged as for the Polish Parachute Brigade.

Sperrverband Harzer
The German force committed against the Polish landings was known as Sperrverband Harzer comprising
Machine Gun Battalion 41;
Kampfgruppe 'Köhnen' (Kreigsmarine);
Alarm Bataillon 'Schörken';
Kampfgruppe 'Kauer' (Luftwaffe); and
III./SS-Grenadier Regiment 'Landstorm Nederland'.
So any Heer, SS, Luftwaffe Field Divison and even Kriegsmarine are perfectly fine for this event. If you have to ask if anything else is permissible I would humbly suggest that your impression may be somewhat too specific.

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